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10 Best Agency Management Software Tools of 2024

As an advertising or marketing professional you know the importance of staying organized and efficiently managing your time. That’s why it’s important to have the right agency management software tools in your toolkit. Here are 10 of the best tools for agencies in 2024. Whether you need a CRM, project management, or billing tool, there’s sure to be something here that will fit your needs.

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1. Monday.com Monday.com

Monday is a comprehensive project management tool that includes time tracking, scheduling, task assignment, reporting, and collaboration tools. With these tools, your team can work together and be more efficient than ever.

You can easily send invoices to clients and track the time spent on each task. Because Monday is cloud-based, it’s easy to access files and reports from anywhere. You can also prioritize your workload with the simple drag-and-drop interface.

Monday is best for agencies looking to take their agency management to the next level. If you’re in search of a Monday alternative that offers similar capabilities, there are several other options worth considering.” 


Productiv is a collaborative project management app that helps agencies manage their projects and track the time spent on each task. With Productiv, you can create tasks, subtasks, milestones, and checklists to stay organized. Productiv also helps you create unlimited custom fields for each client to track pertinent information.

With the free version of Productiv, you can have up to three active projects at a time or upgrade for $10 per month to have five active projects.

3. WrikeWrike

Wrike is a feature-rich and collaborative project management software platform that’s ideal for agencies looking to improve their workflow. With Wrike, you can create custom fields to track the details of each project. To keep your team on track, Wrike lets you set due dates and assign tasks to specific team members. The reporting tools allow managers to gauge the project’s progress. Wrike also boasts a variety of collaboration tools, so you can easily communicate with clients and other team members.

Wrike is best for agencies that are looking for an all-in-one solution to their agency management needs.

4. CalendlyCalendly

Calendly is an agency management software tool that helps agencies manage client appointments. With Calendly, you can create your own custom booking page to share with clients. The online booking assistant helps you suggest multiple times to accommodate the client’s schedule and sends meeting invitations automatically. You can integrate Calendly with Gmail so meetings are added to your calendar. Calendly is great for agencies looking for a simple and user-friendly booking tool.


FunctionFox is a project management software tool that lets you collaborate with your team in real-time from any device. With FunctionFox, you can create workflows to ensure every task is completed on time and reduce the need for constant communication. Team members can easily track their progress in real-time via the activity log. Plus, managers have access to reports and analytics at their fingertips.

FunctionFox is an agency management tool that will benefit agencies who need a project management solution on the cloud.

6. Screendragon Screendragon

With Screendragon, you can easily share graphic designs with your team and clients without ever touching a file. You can create tasks to streamline your workflow and add notes directly into the mockup generator using the built-in annotator . The free version of Screendragon lets you work on up to three projects at one time or pay $4.95 per month to have unlimited projects.

Screendragon is great for agencies looking for a robust presentation tool that also includes project management functionality.

7. SlackSlack

Slack is an agency management software tool that lets you communicate in real-time with your team. You can share files and keep everyone updated on the latest newsfeed channel. Slack also has a robust search feature to find important information quickly.

If someone needs to be added to a conversation, you can easily invite them directly from the chat window. Plus, Slack is completely free for unlimited users. Slack is best for agencies looking for a simple and fast way to stay connected with their team.

However, if your agency needs more robust project management features, you may want to consider another software tool on this list.

8. ProofHubProofHub

ProofHub is a collaborative project management platform that makes it easy to create tasks, deadlines, and checklists. You can assign due dates and attach files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also add members to your team for direct communication between team members and clients. Plus, you can access all of your ProofHub projects in one place with the Android or iOS app.

ProofHub is best for agencies looking for a comprehensive project management tool that works across all devices.

9. Service Provider Pro  Service Provider Pro 

Service Provider Pro is a service management system that also includes project management and billing tools. You can create tasks and assign them to your team members, then track the progress through activity logs.

The SLA feature lets you set timelines for client issues and monitor response times. This agency management software tool will benefit agencies who need a system to manage multiple clients. Service Provider Pro is best for agencies who need a complete system to manage their clients and employees from one place.

10. WorkfrontWorkfront

Workfront is a project management tool that helps agencies plan, track, and report on projects. You can assign work to your team members or accept tasks from clients directly through the platform. Workfront automatically reschedules incomplete tasks nothing slips through the cracks. You can monitor budget expenses in real-time with built-in reporting tools . Workfront has a mobile app so you can manage projects on the go.

Workfront is best for agencies looking to simplify project management.

Final Overview

As you can see from the overview above, some project management tools have a lot more features than others. If you need a robust project management solution with comprehensive reporting options, you will want to consider using one of the top three software tools on this list. However, if your agency needs something streamlined and simple, then any of the other seven software tools should meet your needs.

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