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Best Free and Paid Website Translation Tools in 2024

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If your website attracts an international audience, translating your content into multiple languages is essential for growth. 

However, manual translation is time-consuming and expensive. This is where automatic website translation tools come in. These types of tools can translate entire websites with just a few clicks, saving you precious time and money.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you determine the best website translation services for your needs? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the top contenders based on accuracy, supported languages, pricing, and other key factors. Read on to find your perfect match.

Understanding Website Translation Needs

When creating an online presence, websites serve diverse goals and target audiences.

When selecting a translation service, you must first consider your website’s specific requirements.

E-commerce sites need accurate product descriptions and site navigation. Blogs should convey the author’s tone and voice. Support sites must clearly articulate technical guidance. Non-profits may prioritize conveying mission and vision.

Additionally, examine elements like target languages, content volume, update frequency, intended readers, and translation budget. This will narrow suitable tools.

For example, a multi-language e-commerce site needs an affordable solution with product catalog capabilities. An NGO blog would benefit from a tool preserving regional dialects. Outlining needs guides intelligent tool selection.

Top Website Translation Tools

Website translation technologies fall into three main buckets: Machine Translation, Hybrid Models, and Human-powered. Each approach has distinct strengths and limitations.

Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) is an automated process that uses software to translate text from one language to another. MT relies solely on algorithms instead of human linguists to analyze and convert written material.

MT engines have improved tremendously in recent years with enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities. However, machine translation still faces accuracy limitations for complex text compared to human-powered or hybrid translation options.

MT best suits basic websites with repetitive, formulaic content that isn’t updated frequently. The top machine translation services for websites include:

Google Translate

Google Translate is the most widely adopted free machine translation service globally. This web app and browser extension instantly translates 90+ languages.

Key features:

  • Free web app, mobile apps, and browser integration
  • 109 supported languages with decent accuracy for simple phrases
  • Options to translate text, documents, webpages and files
  • Website translation available via Translate API
  • Custom MT engine training through AutoML Translation


  • No cost makes it accessible for basic use cases
  • Easy and intuitive user experience
  • Continuously evolving language and accuracy capabilities


  • Less accurate with long, complex text
  • Fewer supported languages than paid competitors
  • Limited control or customization for websites

Ideal for: Basic yet functional translation of simple website content, best effort multilingual support

Pricing: Free web app, pay only for advanced customization features


Deepl is an award-winning neural machine translation service funded by the European Union. It receives consistent praise from linguists regarding translation quality.

Key features:

  • Supported languages include English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Portuguese & German
  • Patent-pending deep learning tech for linguistic accuracy
  • API available for integration
  • Option for annotating translation relevance


  • Very high MT accuracy rated better than competitors
  • Specialized neural networks per language combination
  • Confidence scores on translation quality


  • Currently only supports 40+ languages
  • Free version limits character count

Ideal for: Websites with complex writing conveying nuanced ideas

Pricing: Free version has usage limits, paid plans from $60/mo support API access and unlimited words translated


SYSTRAN excels at automating multilingual digital experiences with machine translation solutions purpose-built for global enterprise websites.

Key features:

  • 60+ supported languages optimized for web content
  • Instant translation via widgets, plugins and API integration
  • Options for dictionary customization and engine training
  • On-premise deployment available for data privacy


  • Linguistic asset management dashboard
  • Engine customization for websites
  • Scalable API-based architecture


  • Less suitable for accurately conveying marketing or persuasive content
  • Human linguists not involved in process

Ideal for: Large websites streams of user-generated content or product catalogs

Pricing: Packages from $60/mo for plugins to $150/mo for API access and functionality

The machine learning behind MT continues advancing rapidly. While still not matching true bilingual human proficiency, MT suffices for cost-effective multilingual support on simpler sites.

Hybrid Human + Machine Translation

Hybrid translation combines the efficiency of machine translation with the linguistic skills of professional human translators.

First, software automatically translates website content. Then, bilingual experts review output to fix mistakes and refine it for readability, tone, dialect, and cultural nuance.

This approach delivers faster, more affordable translations than purely manual work. The human touch also increases accuracy beyond machines alone.

Hybrid translation best suits websites where quality matters, like:

  • E-commerce product listings
  • Blogs conveying an author’s voice
  • Marketing content meant to engage and persuade
  • Technical documentation
  • Customer support content

Leading options for hybrid translation include:


Gengo offers over 1000 certified bilingual translators across 120+ languages. Customers can assign linguists as needed for hybrid machine translation solutions.

Key features:

  • Translators specialize in your industry niche
  • Translation delivered in under 24 hours
  • Supported content types include websites, apps, videos
  • API connectors and CMS plugins available
  • Pricing starts around $0.06 per word

Gengo shines for small businesses on a budget needing accurate website translations across common languages.

One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation manages a network of over 19,000 accredited linguists skilled in over 100 languages. Suitable for any project scope.

Key features:

  • Bilingual specialists ranked by expertise level
  • Each translation passes through multiple quality checks
  • Custom workflows for large website and documentation projects
  • Translation speeds averaging under 2,000 words per day
  • Website integration with e-commerce platforms
  • Pricing starts around $0.09 per word

One Hour Translation suits large global organizations needing scalable, enterprise-grade translation solutions.


Founded by professional linguists, Tomedes understands complex content translation. Its hybrid approach combines MT with 4000+ human editors.

Key features:

  • Specialized linguistic teams per business niche
  • Advanced content encryption and confidentiality
  • Customizable workflows for large website projects
  • Integration with CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal
  • Pricing from $0.07 per word based on complexity

Tomedes brings advanced project management capabilities for websites regularly publishing premium content needing multilingual support.

Plugin and API-Based Translation

Plugins and APIs allow directly integrating translation capabilities into your website CMS or infrastructure. This greatly simplifies managing multilingual content.

Some advantages of technical translation integrations include:

  • Translate site content without leaving the CMS
  • Dynamically localize pages for each visitor
  • Reduce manual touchpoints through automation
  • Allow contributors to publish in multiple languages

Leading plug-and-play solutions include:


WPML is the most popular multilingual plugin for WordPress websites. It avoids needing to manually translate posts and pages.

Key features:

  • Translate all WordPress content types
  • SEO-optimized translated pages
  • Support for both manual and automated translation
  • Find and hire translators from within WordPress
  • Setup wizards for streamlined configuration
  • Compatible with popular e-commerce and form plugins

WPML simplifies translating WordPress sites by letting admins manage multiple languages directly from the CMS.


CloudTranslate provides a translation API supporting 135 different languages. It focuses exclusively on programmatic integration.

Key features:

  • Translate dynamic page content on the fly
  • Included site widgets, plugins, and code snippets
  • Real-time Translation API
  • Option for combining machine + human workflows
  • Pricing starts at $7/month for 250k characters

Developers praise CloudTranslate’s robust API and integration options ideal for embedding translation into custom websites.


TranslatePress combines automated translation with professional proofreading designed specifically for WordPress.

Key features:

  • Hybrid machine + human workflow
  • Multi-lingual SEO canonical pages
  • Centralized translation interface within WordPress
  • Support from professional linguists available
  • Starting at $179 per year including translation costs

TranslatePress eliminates third-party platform dependencies with an integrated WordPress interface for managing human-powered website localization.

Tips for Choosing the Best Website Translation Tool

With an abundance of website translation tools now available, deciding on the best solution for your needs boasts a steep learning curve. To simplify selection, begin by:

  • Auditing current website content, formats, and languages needed
  • Defining must-have capabilities and accuracy thresholds
  • Comparing solutions against these criteria with free trials
  • Testing with sample content batches before fully committing

Pay particular attention to linguistic quality by scrutinizing output. Balance accuracy needs with pricing.


Website translation tools unlock global opportunities and audiences for businesses. Whether you need a basic free solution or advanced multilingual platform, options exist to convert your content without breaking budget.

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