Best Websites for data entry jobs

You can take data entry jobs as online typing jobs which you can complete from anywhere and in anytime. They can be part of your free time activity. A side job to earn some extra money for saving or increase your monthly revenue. Data entry jobs are not the type of job that has a lot of difficult tasks to be completed in a short span of time. These are simpler and easier in which you just have to enter the data in its respective place. The key to being successful and earning in this field is to just deliver work in the given time and basic job requirements.

 When you are new to data entry jobs a common question comes to your mind, where to find data entry jobs? Here are some of the best websites for data entry jobs. You just need to create your profile and start finding your job.



Upwork is one of the best websites for data entry jobs. There are more than 5000 data entry jobs, which you can do from your home or any place you want. You can view all the offered jobs easily just by creating your account on their website with your name and email address.

After signing up, you can go to the data entry jobs category and find your job according to your skills and what suits you. Shortlist a few jobs that seem appropriate to you and apply for them. If you need data entry or any other type of job, Upwork is the perfect place to find one.

You can believe this site since it has been trusted by millions and companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb, and GoDaddy too. With Upwork, you’ll easily be able to locate your desired task without any hassle.



Indeed, is another most used website for data entry jobs which has 250 million per month visitors. It is a worldwide famous employment service that has thousands of highly paid data entry job offers. The method to check out the job offers is simple.

Just sign up from the website for free. When you have created your account simply upload your cv/resume so that employers can hire you.

You have an option of searching for jobs according to location and keywords. They also give new jobs notifications by email, by simply turning on your email subscriptions.


fiverr 121

Fiverr is a leading online platform for freelancers to find the best data entry work options. Because it is an online marketplace that connects employers and employees around the world. This will help you a lot in building your career as a data entry freelancer, as it has a wide range of data entry jobs.

Create your account on Fiverr by adding some basic details about your qualifications, skills, experiences, and your expertise in the data entry field. Accurately describe your details while working on the platform and update your profile regularly.

Try to stay as active on Fiverr as possible so that the employer can contact you for a data entry job. The time you invest now will pay off in the future.



Rev is the website that offers remote data entry work. It is an affordable and easy-to-use online marketplace. This is a combination of people and AI working together. Data entry jobs on Rev are of different options. You can choose according to your preference.

Rev is fulfilling its promise by giving people more power to work by offering hundreds of jobs in data entry and other domains from the comfort of their homes. With rev, you can work on flexible schedules and get weekly paid. You can join the Rev family by creating your free account and getting started with work.



Eery people can make a guess easily from the name Freelancer, it is a marketplace that connects employers with employees. You can find various data entry jobs here within minutes. You have the option of looking for data entry jobs from keywords. The other advanced filters for selecting jobs according to skills, and languages, help you find the perfect job opportunity with just a few clicks. Learn more about our other article Complete Guide of data entry jobs.

Applying for jobs is done by bidding for suitable data entry jobs and waiting for employers’ responses. Where he goes through the details of all bidders and selects the best fit for the job. Creating an account on Freelancer is very simple and free.



Scribie is an affordable online platform that data entry services, translations, and transcription to employers. This helps you in becoming a data entry professional being one the most popular company for providing data entry services and transcriptions.

You can earn a decent amount of wage per month enough to cover all the expenses. Applying for Scribie you must be proficient in English and other languages are optional, able to read and understand and be good in communication skills. At Scribie you have to convert audio files into texts, rechecking of conversions, and correction of punctuation, and grammatical and spelling mistakes.


Truelancer is the best online platform for businesses and freelancers to do data entry work. It provides appropriate jobs for data entry work with the flexibility of working from home. Truelancer has data entry jobs of various types and can opt according to your preferences. Truelancer offers authentic data entry jobs for all the new inexperienced and experienced data entry employees.

Freelancers can find data entry jobs according to their expertise, which is fully safe and secure. Money security is a facility of Truelancer which makes it different from other data entry websites. Sign up for Truelancer and find the most suitable data entry job.


The best website when looking for flexible data entry telecommuting jobs, is the best opportunity for it. There are several choices to get a proper data entry job from a pool of data entry jobs. You can use filters of location, company, and category to search for specific types of data entry jobs according to your ease and flexibility. 

Job choices can also be on the bases of working hours which suit you, which means it offers the flexibility of work timings. The uniqueness of is that they have a list of companies from A to Z which are offering data entry jobs from where you can select which company and job are appropriate for you.  



TranscribeMe is another platform that offers fast, affordable, and accurate work related to data entry and transcriptions. You can grow more in the data entry field with TranscribeMe and will get more work with success in your work. To start with TranscribeMe you have to give a basic test to know whether you are eligible for data entry work or not.

TranscribeMe doesn’t require highly experienced workers, new people with entry-level data entry experience are welcome. They have some basic requirements including a Google chrome browser and a Paypal account for money transfers. They also give weekly payments through Paypal.




Clickworker is one of the prominent jobs websites which offers data entry jobs as well. This is a micro job website, so it offers a lot of different types of jobs and job categories. Clickworker data entry jobs help you earn extra earnings. When working with them you have no tight schedules so anyone can do work with Clickworker company without any inconvenience.

This Clickworker ensures that you will have multiple data entry jobs options and tasks, so you won’t have to lookup or wait to get work.


Mturk, a website also known as Amazon Mechanical Turk, is an online marketplace for data entry work that has been created by Amazon. Freelancers can find many different data entry job opportunities through Data entry job employers can hire freelancers from a large network, who can work in flexible and scalable environments.

Making money on Amazon Mechanical Turk is very simple, you have to work on Human Intelligence Tasks (Hits) that the requester posts. You can earn a good amount of money on Amazon Mechanical Turk, give a lot of time to data entry with continuation, and submit high-quality work. If the employer is happy with your work, he pays you according to the work.

peopleperhour is a group of highly skillful freelancers who are waiting for employers to assign them tasks, so they can submit high-quality work. The freelancers of PeoplePerHour are notified by the team if there are any new jobs related to their domain like data entry work. Freelancers also look for jobs related to skills and job categories. freelancers pay down payment first and they request a proposal for a data entry job. The employers then select the freelancers who fit for the data entry work.


Working Solutions


Working Solutions is a community of independent contractors, working from home for data entry jobs. The contractors are hired from around the globe. Working Solutions is a little tight on working hours as compared to other companies for data entry work. But the best part of Working Solutions is they offer training to the new people so that they can give the best outcome while working and supply high-quality work. The payment method of Working Solutions is per-project payment, which is preferred by some workers.

Axion Data Entry Services


Axion Data Entry Services is the best data entry work website for experienced data entry professionals as they only hire people with experience of 2-3 years. This hires typists with a decent typing speed and a good grip on data entry tasks. The typist should have an average typing speed of 50 words per minute.

To become a part of Axion Data Entry Services you have to first register through their website and share past data entry experience and your time span for how many you have been a part of the data entry industry. They hire workers for long-term work contract-based. No extra rewards or bonuses are given in between that time period.


You can always find the best data entry jobs from This website has a wide range of data entry job offers on the bases of different qualifications and professions. Freelancers can submit their proposals for the data entry jobs after getting notification about the latest jobs offered according to their skills.

An agreement is signed between the worker and client and after that only the worker can start doing the work. The payment mechanism is hassle-free because of which freelancers do not have any issues with their payments.

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