Cannabis & CBD Link Building Services that Boost Your Ranks and Revenue

The Cannabis and CBD industry has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. Hence, staying atop the fierce competition requires a diverse and even stronger backlink profile. Desire Marketing’s Cannabis and CBD link-building services can garner authoritative, relevant backlinks that boost your SERP rankings and strengthen your market position.

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Benefits Link-Building Can Provide You

With link-building, we employ different strategies to create backlinks to your website. The benefits are numerous:

Increased Traffic through Backlinks

Link-building increases your traffic through the websites where your backlinks are placed. This redirection can provide a significant boost in your traffic, depending on the link source, its quality, and relevance.

Higher Ranks and Organic Traffic

Link-building doesn’t only provide redirections from backlinks. Since search engines pay attention to a website’s backlink profile, it affects your SERP rankings as well.
Having high-ranking, reputed websites link back to your website sends a positive message to Google. This results in better rankings and SEO performances. In turn, you get more and more organic traffic with time — offering more visitors, higher conversion rates, and revenues.

Boost in Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and credibility are crucial for any cannabis or CBD brand. Link-building means creating backlinks by reaching out to other reputed and long-standing brands. This association creates awareness about your brand among consumers in the industry.

Quicker Growth & Revenues Against the Competition

Proper link-building can significantly boost your business’ growth rate — both for SEO metrics and user conversions. This is helpful for newer and older brands alike. With time, the rate of traffic growth, monthly recurring revenue, or customer conversion expands drastically.

Why Quality Link-Building Is Mandatory for Cannabis & CBD Businesses?

Getting through Regulation & Controversy

The cannabis industry is often handled with stricter regulations by search engines like Google. This makes it challenging to get through its barriers and build a strong position in the niche. Backlinks act as a vote of confidence for search engines and rank you higher.
Additionally, the added controversy surrounding the industry makes customers more cautious as well. Gaining their trust requires a reputable brand image and authority in the industry, which link-building ensures.

Fierce Competition and Growth

The cannabis industry only rose recently, but its rise has been astronomical. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of competition throughout the market. Getting your website the necessary traction and traffic is vital to stay above the rest of the businesses. Link-building allows you to achieve that in the long run.

Increased Organic Traffic and Sales

Industries like cannabis and CBD rely on continuous sales and revenue. Having a website with solid domain authority and ranking is therefore essential. Link-building boosts authority and rankings, and its results sustain for an extended period. Compared to traditional methods like advertising, this can get your brand’s ROI to skyrocket.

Cannabis & CBD Link-Building Techniques Desire Marketing Implements

Content Creation and Optimization

Proper link-building starts from your own website. Desire Marketing develops high-quality content for your website and optimizes any existing ones as well. Leave it to us to create link-worthy, in-depth content that offers unique insights into your industry and its products.
Furthermore, we’ll optimize your pre-existing content to ensure that they’re linked by other websites and ranked higher on Google.

Niche Edits

Niche editing involves placing your backlinks into pre-existing, authoritative articles or content. Since these articles are ranked high and reputed, placing the backlinks in them provides you with quick and certain results.
Desire Marketing does the pitching for you and makes any necessary changes to the content to make your links fit smoothly.

Guest Posts

Posting your content on credible, relevant websites in the cannabis and CBD niche is a great way to put you on the map. Our team of content writers will develop unique and high-quality content for you to publish as guest posts. These help you garner a bigger audience and build a strong relationship within the industry.

Outreach Services

Outreaching crucial websites in the cannabis niche is vital for a quality backlink profile. Desire Marketing offers outreach services in various cases — blogger outreach, unlinked mentions, broken link building, and much more.
Approaching reputable bloggers and writers is a great way of making your brand visible. We also reach out to websites and blogs to link you on unlinked mentions or add your links to broken links.

Our Link-Building Process For Cannabis & CBD Industry

While the overall link-building process varies between brands and websites, you can expect a similar experience:  

Step 1

Research and Consultation

The very first step involves knowing your business, niche, and competitors. Once you approach Desire Marketing, we look at your business’ current standing, its rankings, Key Performance Indexes (KPIs), Domain Authority, and everything in between.
Additionally, we’ll produce a report on the high-performing keywords, create ideal customer profiles for precise focus, and outline a course of action for you. All of this is custom-tailored for your business only.
Once we have the whole picture and the green light from you, we move on to the next phase.

Step 2

Outreach, Content Development, and Publication

In this phase, we begin working on implementing the strategies. Our teams begin reaching out to relevant websites and blogs, creating new content, or optimizing the existing ones.
Our teams work in parallel in this phase, so that your links become online within no time. Once the development is done, we’ll place the links throughout different websites and get them online.

Step 3

Monitoring and Reporting on the Results

Once the backlinks are in place and online, we move on to the monitoring portion. To ensure that the whole process is data-driven, we look at multiple metrics. This includes changes through your Domain Authority (DA), search engine rankings, organic traffic, and other SEO metrics.
Additionally, we encapsulate all this information into a white-label report for you to see. We’ll also make any necessary changes to the backlinks if they fail to perform as expected during this stage.

Sites and Publications Our Clients Have Received Mentions From

Thanks to our link-building services, our clients have had their brands mentioned on reputed sites and publications like:

Why Choose Desire Marketing Over the Rest?

What makes us stand apart from the crowd? See for yourself!

White Label Link-Building Strategies

Each of our link-building strategies follows an ethical course of action and maintains white hat approaches. This ensures that any of the steps we implement aren’t affected by changes made to search engine algorithms. In addition, the links we create for you are likely to last much longer.

In-House Specialist Teams

All of the outreach or content services we provide are accomplished by our team of in-house specialists with expertise and experience. This allows Desire Marketing to ensure stricter quality requirements and quickens the time for you to see the results.
We’re also able to make any rapid necessary changes during the link-building period, which guarantees stable growth.

Top-Notch Backlinks

We don’t just hand you author credits as backlinks and call it a day. Instead, every link we build has to go through a planning strategy to ensure it’ll be effective and worthwhile.
Furthermore, we place the backlinks in a natural context to maintain the flow of the content they belong to. This makes readers much more likely to visit the links and get through to your website — potentially increasing traffic, conversion, and revenues.

Impeccable Outreach Services

As mentioned, our in-house teams handle the whole link-building process. Outreach is one of the most crucial steps here, and we take pride in reaching the right websites, blogs, and content for you. Leave it to us to help you find the perfect place for your backlinks — be it a high DR website or a reputable article that can generate tons of traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the websites to put my links on or add certain criteria?

Yes, you can. Firstly, you can let us know which websites you want to target for your backlinks, and our outreach team will handle the rest. Secondly, you can also create specific requirements (although we maintain high standards for websites and content ourselves). For instance, you could ask for links only from websites with a 90+ Domain Rating.

Do you build your links differently for the cannabis and CBD industry?

We do. Desire Marketing customizes its link-building process whenever there is a niche that has additional regulations or requirements surrounding it. Hence, if there are any extra boxes to check (for instance, Google’s safeguards for the cannabis industry), we’ll make sure our backlinks and content adhere to that.

Do you guarantee any results for my industry?

While the results depend on your niche, brand, and competition, we ensure a certain threshold of results with all clients. With enough time, you will see changes in your Domain Authority, search engine rankings, and website traffic. If certain backlinks fail to perform, we make sure to fix those issues as well.

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