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Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which One is Better for Bangladeshi Business

We all know how effective Facebook and Google ads are for a business. However, today we are going to cover the relevance of both these options for businesses operating in Bangladesh. It will help you get a better idea to create a lead-generation strategy for your business. Before we cover the topic, let us understand how Facebook ads and Google ads can help your business succeed.

How Are Facebook Ads and Google Ads Different?

Although both these options come under Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing, they still have factors that make them different from each other.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads works on push marketing that lets you run PPC campaigns to show your business ads to a targeted audience. You can decide what type of audience will see your ads. This strategy is helpful when you know about your targeted audience and just want to reach them quickly.

Google Ads

The PPC campaigns by Google Ads lets you show your business ads on the Google search results page. You can simply create a campaign for one or more keywords and let Google show your ad to anyone searching for that keyword specifically. That is why it is known as pull marketing as you attract customers who are already looking for your services.

For example, you can run a Google ads campaign by targeting the “best marketing agency in Dhaka”. Now whenever someone searches with the same keyword, they will see your website before the organic results.

Which Option is Better for Bangladeshi Businesses?

Businesses operating in Bangladesh can choose between both these options as they are proven to deliver results for almost every industry. However, several other factors come into play when you choose the right option for your business. Below are some of the factors that you should consider you start your marketing campaigns in Bangladesh:

Your Budget

The first and most important thing to consider is your budget. It is crucial because Google ads will charge you for every click based on the competition on the keyword you want to rank for. It means your Pay-per-click charge can go up to $10-$20 for some of the most competitive keywords. On the other hand, Facebook lets you run some PPC campaigns with a minimum budget. 

Thus, you need to understand your budget and choose the platform accordingly.

Marketing Goals

Ask yourself a simple question- What is my end goal from this campaign?

Most people will say that getting a sale is the end goal of a campaign. However, there is a proper sales funnel that includes various steps such as getting the user’s attention, creating demand for your product, making a sale, and retaining customers.

If you want to get some leads for your business through a proper sales funnel, you should go with Facebook Ads. It is because you can retarget the audience that has previously shown interest in your ads. 

On the other hand, running Google ads is more beneficial when your customer has the intent to buy something. For example, running a Google ads campaign for the keyword “best iPhone charger” will help you reach the user who is ready to buy an iPhone charger. Here, the person is doing some research and wants to buy an iPhone charger as soon as he finds the best one.

 Marketing Team Size

It is another important factor as running a marketing campaign requires a lot of time and effort. That is why you should consider the size of your marketing team while choosing between Facebook ads and Google ads.

Normally, anyone can run a Google ad campaign if they already have a functioning website. All they need is to set a budget and choose the keywords they want to rank for. On the other hand, creating Facebook ads requires a team of at least one designer, copywriter, and Facebook Ads expert to run your campaign. 

Once you compare the requirements with the available sources, you can easily choose between these platforms. If you still can’t decide, you can check the direct advantages of using both these platforms.

Advantages of Running Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. According to some leading businesses, Facebook has delivered better returns than any other platform offering PPC campaigns.

Here are some advantages to Bangladeshi businesses of running a PPC campaign on Facebook:

  • Facebook has around 3 billion active users which means you can always find a large audience even with the specific filters
  • The cost of running Ads on Facebook is affordable for small and large businesses
  • You can utilize the Lookalike audience feature that lets you show your ads to a larger audience similar to the ones who have already interacted with your ad.
  • Facebook has maintained a better Click-through-rate among all the social media platforms

Advantages of Running Google Ads

Google is the most famous search engine and almost everyone using the Internet has used it at least once in their life. Being the most popular tool for pull marketing, Google ads have helped millions of businesses with their marketing campaigns.

Here are some advantages to the Bangladeshi businesses of running PPC campaigns on Google:

  • According to Google, businesses have around 6-8 times return on investments which is higher than any other platform 
  • Setting on Google ads takes only a few minutes
  • Bangladeshi businesses can get free credits to run ads on Google
  • Retargeting your website audience is now possible with Google ads search page rankings

Final Words

When it comes to Facebook and Google ads, there is no reliable way to say which one is better. It is because the whole concept is based on the situation of a business. Both these options are reliable for businesses operating in Bangladesh.

You just need to compare your requirements with the benefits of using both of these platforms. Doing this will help you figure out which platform makes more sense for your business.

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