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Facebook Advertisement Agency in Bangladesh

Looking for Facebook marketing packages in Bangladesh? Desire Marketing is one of the foremost Facebook Advertising Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer three different Facebook Marketing Packages exclusively designed to help our clients reach their marketing goals with our Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Facebook advertising can be started with a daily budget of 10 USD with us.

We can advertise your products and services to your target audience on Facebook to bring sales, lead & Increase revenue. Facebook Ads give immediate results. We are Dhaka Bangladesh-based Facebook advertisement service provider at an affordable price for small businesses to enterprises.

With years of Facebook marketing experience, Desire Marketing is a professional Facebook advertising agency that has managed 100+ social media marketing projects and delivered satisfactory results. Our team of social media marketing experts has worked hard to establish ourselves as the best Facebook Marketing service in Bangladesh.

#1 Facebook Marketing Company In Bangladesh

Desire Marketing is a premier Facebook advertising agency in Bangladesh. The key to Facebook marketing is to think from the perspective of the audience. With this in mind, we provide the most effective advanced Facebook ads service in Bangladesh. So why should you advertise on Facebook with us?

  1. You’ve seen competitors’ advertisements on Facebook.
  2. You want to spot the target audience at lesser Facebook Ad Costs.
  3. You want to gain more exposure for your business.
  4. You’re looking to increase organic traffic from Facebook referrals.
  5. You’re looking to expand your online marketing campaign with minor Facebook Costs.

Affordable Facebook Boosting Service in Bangladesh

Your Total BudgetMaximum Number of AdsAd Campaign maximum DurationAd Cost +Govt Tax+ Our Service Fees
50$55 Days Total Cost= 50$+15%+5%=60$
100$1010 DaysTotal Cost =100$+15%+5%=120$
200$1015 DaysTotal Cost =200$+15%+5%=240$
300$1520 DaysTotal Cost =300+15%+5%=360$
500$2030 DaysTotal Cost =500$+15%+5%=600$

Please note we don’t go on any project for which the budget is less than 50$, We are transparent in costing, the Dollar rate will be exactly as bank rate, No hidden charges & No Long Term Contract

  • Facebook boosting service- If you want to boost a post then it’s the right service for you. Facebook boosting cost in Bangladesh is a big question. We charge 20% Fees of the total amount. Like if you want to boost for 100$ you need to pay us 120$ Where 15% government tax is included. To boost posts on Facebook your marketing budget must be at least 10$ per day.
  • Content creation for Facebook ads – If you want us to write your Facebook ad content with an exclusive image then we will charge an additional 15$ or 1000Tk as a service charge.
  • Video creation for Facebook ads- If you want us to create video ads for your product/service we need to talk about this.

Facebook boosting service in Bangladesh is never been easier before

Increase Conversion

The main goal of marketing on Facebook is to reach more customers and increase sales. With the option of creating highly targeted ads, We can multiply your conversion rates.

Traffic Diversion

By creating compelling posts and ads, We target visitors to click on your link and redirect to your website to take the desired call to action.

Increase Local Traffic

Businesses should pay equal attention to local audiences. By creating customized ads, Facebook gives you many creative ways so you can increase your reach and local traffic.

Why Choose Desire Marketing As Your Advertising Agency in Bangladesh

  • Creating Facebook ads with the Contextual Call to Action feature Generating traffic
  • Creating highly valuable and relevant Facebook ads
  • The quality of driving increases through Facebook Ad Manager
  • Return users to the website for some call action
  • Re-marketing activities to reach users who have previously visited the website.

At Desire Marketing, we have a team of industry experts and young minds. This is because industry experts keep an eye on Facebook analysis, as young people spend their maximum time on social media trends. This gives young minds a new perspective and brings unique marketing ideas. In this way, we ensure that our customers can get the most out of our Facebook advertising services.

Filling the gap between your business and your audience.
Giving your brand the most Facebook exposure.
Uses different targeting specifications to target audiences that convert loyal customers such as age, gender, and behavior.
Hitting your Facebook page among Facebook users, increasing authority and brand recognition.
Practice budget-friendly Facebook advertising company.

So if you planning to facebook advertisement in Bangladesh audience we definitely able to give an extra boost to your business. We are professional facebook ads experts. Let’s talk and discuss more your business.

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