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The number of backlinks to your website remains irrelevant — until you ensure that they excel in quality as well. So, why leave it to luck when you have tangible metrics to ensure the maximum quality for your backlinks? Desire Marketing gets you the highest quality backlinks from websites with 90+ Domain Ratings (DR) that are sure to boost your authority, ranks, and revenue.

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Domain Rating (DR) and Its Importance for Websites

In a sea of endless websites, search engines require effective metrics to measure a website’s quality and trustworthiness. Backlink profiles have been a significant factor in that aspect for years, and they directly affect a website’s organic traffic, SERP rankings, and much more. 

Domain Rating, or DR, is a scoring system developed by Ahrefs that helps measure the strength of a domain’s backlink profile. 

Considering DR often stays on par with Google’s ranking, it’s evident that we can judge a website’s backlinks’ worth by their Domain Rating. 

So, what does a DR 90 website mean, and why is it beneficial for link-building? 

Benefits of Getting Backlinks on High DR Websites

  • DR is a comparative or relative scoring system, meaning if a domain has a high Domain Rating, it’s performing and ranking better than similar competing websites. It’s also likelier to have more brand authority and presence.
    Furthermore, users are more likely to trust what this website has to say and the brands that it refers to. 
  • The purpose of placing backlinks to your website is to get your rankings higher and to place yourself as a trustworthy name in the niche. Since high DR websites are always likelier to have that place, their referrals are worth more than domains without much influence. 
  • Additionally, Google often puts more value on backlink quality instead of its quantity. A high Domain Rating means such websites don’t create backlinks by the truckload. Instead, they’re careful and methodical. Hence, getting backlinks from them guarantees that your backlinks will be of high quality. 

Quality Content with Guest Posting

While backlinks are vital, you also need to ensure that they’re enticing enough for the readers to visit. One of the most significant ways of getting users is creating quality content.
Desire Marketing’s content research and writing team does that for you. From finding the right websites and high-performing keywords to developing the content — we’ll do it all.
We purposefully mold the content so that it’s relevant to the niche and plays a unique role for the readers. This makes potential customers trust your name more than just a credit at the bottom.

Effective Targeted Outreach

Outreach is a crucial part of building backlinks. Desire Marketing utilizes its expert outreach team for multiple strategies — unlinked mentions, broken link building, or suggesting relevant replacements.
For one, unlinked mentions are where your brand name is mentioned but not linked. Getting these linked is easy, and the return is significant.
Broken links refer to links on blogs or other publications that are now corrupt or irrelevant. Reaching out to such websites and publications with a solid pitch is often an effective manner of getting backlinks. Additionally, convincing pitches can get your website linked when we suggest relevant replacements to a website.

Creating Link-Worthy Content and Optimizing Them

Getting backlinks from DR 90 websites requires quality from your website and content as well. Such content also makes it easy to create contextual backlinks to your websites.
Therefore, Desire Marketing takes the time to create unique, detailed, and relevant content. This content is easier to link, and it makes visitors likelier to stay and explore your website — potentially resulting in paying customers.
Additionally, we’ll optimize your website’s existing blogs and other content if needed. This ensures that the whole website offers a streamlined experience and makes it easier to create backlinks to it.

Perks of Link Building

Rank Higher than Ever

Getting backlinks from websites that Google already trusts and ranks high on the SERP is a big deal. It tells search engines that your website is also worth trusting and showing to relevant users.
This offers a drastic boost to how high Google might rank you. With the backlinks, your domain achieves a higher DR as well, meaning you’ll rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Gain Significantly Higher Traffic

You gain a huge boost in terms of traffic as well. Since domains with high DR often have a substantial following and customer base, you gain significantly higher exposure on those sites. As a result, readers or potential customers are likely to visit your website, increasing traffic.
As we also mentioned, a positive remark from Google means that you will rank higher. This results in more and more customers discovering your website, boosting your organic traffic. The combination of this organic and redirected traffic can improve your SEO metrics and potentially achieve higher conversions and ROI.

Mean More as a Brand with Presence and Authority

Websites are a crucial factor in creating and maintaining a prominent presence and authority in the market. To make that happen, your website first needs a strong backlink profile, which brings in traffic, trustworthiness, and more customers.
Therefore, getting backlinks is the gateway to building your presence in the niche. It helps you create a larger network in the industry, reach a wider and diverse audience, and place yourself as a trustworthy brand.

Generate More Leads, Sales, and Revenue

The first requirement of boosting your Return on Investment (ROI) is establishing authority and getting your brand visible in the right places. A strong backlink profile does both — boost your presence and gain you more traction and credibility.
As a result, you’re more likely to generate more leads and potential customers through link-building. And since link-building leaves a lasting effect, your ROI sees a continuous boost.

The Link-Building Experience with Desire Marketing

Link-building with Desire Marketing will follow a similar path: 

Step 1

Consultation and Research

Once you approach us with your needs — a website with a DR of 90 or higher in this case — we pinpoint the requirements. For instance, you can either specify the websites you want your backlinks to be on or create a Domain Rating criterion. 

Once we have that, we research your brand, its niche, competition, and the current SEO performance metrics. This helps us plan out the whole link-building tactics tailored to your needs. Once we’re done building a roadmap, we move on to development and implementation. 

Step 2

Development and Outreach

This stage is dedicated to creating the necessary content, reaching out to relevant websites and publishers, and creating the right context to place your backlinks within. Our content writing, research, outreach, and marketing teams all work in parallel to offer the highest efficiency during this phase.
Once we’re done creating and optimizing every step of the strategy, we move on to the implementation process.

Step 3

Implementation and Reporting

In this phase, we’ll get everything online — get your backlinks up and running and publish the content we’ve developed. We closely observe this stage to ensure that it goes smoothly.
The monitoring continues long after we’re done implementing and posting everything. To ensure that you’re up-to-date with our findings, we offer white-label reports to our clients at specific intervals. This way, we can also make any necessary changes to the link-building process if need be.

Why Desire Marketing Over the Rest

Link-building is a saturated market. So, what do we offer you that the rest doesn’t?

Strong Outreach Services

Link-building requires outreach; that’s no news. However, getting your backlinks on DR 90+ websites requires outreaching capabilities of a different caliber. Desire Marketing takes pride in its vast network and its capable outreach team that makes this possible.
From blogger outreach to guest posting to broken link-building — our efficiency and capabilities are unmatched!

Long-Lasting Backlinks

Backlinks from high Domain Rating websites don’t come without cost, and they don’t come easily. Hence, we ensure that these links are built in a sustainable and ethical manner — one that will last long and won’t be affected by the changes through search engine updates.
As a result, the backlinks you receive from us will keep benefitting you for longer periods.

Focused and Relevant Backlinks

Regardless of the Domain Rating, our backlinks will always be highly focused on your niche, website, and target demographic. This guarantees that the backlinks are sure to benefit you.
This focus doesn’t hamper backlink diversity — we realize the necessity of a diverse link profile. Instead, our focus ensures that all your backlinks reach relevant, potentially beneficial users and websites for maximum output.

Customizability and Scalability

As you may realize from the selectiveness of Domain Rating in the link-building process, our plans are customizable. You get to work with us to find the perfect websites, target demographic, and content strategy that benefits you the most.
In addition, our pricing tiers are affordable and scalable. That means you can scale the link-building process up or down depending on the requirement, and the affordable pricing tiers will reflect that as well!

Are DR 90 backlinks the primary factor in the ranking?

While high DR backlinks are exceptionally helpful for a website’s backlink profile, it’s not the primary ranking factor. You’ll also need to cater to other elements like the site’s content quality and optimization, technical SEO, and so on.

How long do the backlinks I get from you last?

Backlinks you receive from Desire Marketing are expected to stay in place for extended periods. The reason is that our links are built with ethical approaches and offer tangible value to the niche and the websites they’re on. If, by any chance, the links become corrupt, we’ll replace that backlink for you with a similarly valuable backlink.

Will getting backlinks result in any penalties?

Penalties are likely to happen when the backlinks you get aren’t natural, or they follow black-hat methods of link-building. Each backlink you receive from Desire Marketing strictly follows white-hat approaches, and the links are placed naturally and contextually in ample numbers. As a result, you’re not likely to receive any penalties, regardless of the metrics in concern.

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