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How 3 Way Link Exchange Works? [2024 Guideline]

There are a lot of opinions and debates on 3 way link exchange on the internet. However, it only confuses the new bloggers on whether they should go for it. 

Today, we will end this debate by explaining to you how it works, the risks it has, and the benefits of 3 way link exchange. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of whether it is the right option for you or not. 

To understand the process, it is important to know what is a link exchange and why people are so crazy about it.

What is a 3 way link exchange?

Ever since marketers realized that backlinks can do wonders for website rankings, they are doing everything to have enough of these backlinks for their websites. Now, some methods are genuine (white-hat techniques) while some are a bit controversial and people have mixed opinions on them.

The 3 way backlink exchange or ABC link exchange is a process where 3 websites link to each other in such a way that there is no direct backlink exchange between any two websites. 

For this backlink exchange, you need at least 3 websites that will help each other get the rankings through the backlinks.

How 3 Way Link Exchange Works?

It’s quite simple actually. You just need 3 or more websites and create a circle to ensure everyone gets a backlink.  The below diagram will help you understand it better.

Here, you can see how website A is giving a backlink to website B that is doing the same for the Website C. Now, some of the websites end the process here to break the chain. However, some websites take a small risk and link Website C to Website A as well. 

This is usually known as 3 way link exchange. 

Is 3 Way Link Exchange Safe?

To find the exact answer to this question, we will understand what Google has to say about it.

In the above picture, you can see how Google mentions that Excessive link exchange for the sake of cross-linking can attract penalties. If you read this statement, you will think that backlink exchange is not a good idea. However, you must focus on the statement and see how they used the term “Excessive” here.

It simply means that Google also understands that backlink exchange is a common practice to use the connections to improve website rankings. However, the excessive use of this technique can attract some risks on the way.

Also, 3 way backlink exchange is not technically a backlink exchange. It’s because you are not getting the backlink from the website you link to. That website is linking to someone else and you are getting the backlink from a completely different website. So, it’s clear that the more websites participate in the backlink exchange, the safer it is. 

Even though we have never heard of a website getting a penalty for backlink exchange but there’s nothing wrong with being safe.

How to get Better Backlinks through 3 way Link Exchange?

It all depends on what type of websites you choose to do a backlink exchange. We recommend you go for the websites with higher Domain authority as the simple maths comes into play here. The higher the domain rating, the more valuable backlink is. 

You can contact the website owners and create a strategy with them. Most probably, you will find some better backlink options with a few days of research. 

Always remember not to rush through this process as you can end up with backlinks that will hurt your domain ratings.

How to Decide Whether you need a 3 Way Link Exchange Strategy?

Let’s come to the main question now- Do I need this backlink-building strategy? Well, it depends on where you are on your journey right now. If you are a new website and you are doing everything to get the backlinks as fast as possible, there’s nothing wrong with giving this technique a try.

However, if you are an established website with thousands of backlinks, we believe you can find some better ways to do it. 

There are many other legitimate ways to generate backlinks like guest podcasting, HARO, and getting mentions for some informative content. Doing this will ensure you have enough backlinks created for your website. 

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FAQs about 3 Way, 4 Way Backlink Exchange

  1. Can I try 3 way link exchange with websites from different niches?

There’s an important thing to understand here. No one would indeed object to getting a backlink from Forbes even if it’s not related to their niche. However, when it comes to small websites (DR 25 to DR40), getting a backlink from your niche is a better option for you. 

Another reason to focus on the same niche is that Google is so careful about backlink exchange and it can easily understand what’s happening there.

  1. How many Links are too many links for Backlink Exchange?

The number depends on the total number of backlinks on your website. Let’s say you have 20 backlinks and all of them are created through backlink exchange. It means 100% of your backlinks are created this way. This is a problem. However, if you have 1000 backlinks on your website and 50 of them are created through backlink exchange, it’s only 5% of your total backlinks.

So, the exact number depends on how much effort you are putting into other backlink strategies as well.

  1. Why People are always so worried about backlink exchange risks?

Some marketers overdo the process and forget the basics of backlink building. The idea that you link to my website and I will link to yours is a bit outdated and Google will catch it in no time. That is the one thing that you must avoid. You do not want to create backlinks that way.

However, when you do some research on this process, you can easily find loopholes to make the most out of it.

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The 3 way link exchange is a great idea for a new website to get some authority on the internet. They just need to extend the chain with 3 or more websites sending one-way backlinks to other websites. You do not want to do it the obvious way. You link to me and I will link to you is not going to work now.

You can always try this backlink exchange method on new websites to minimize the risk.

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