How to Increase Social Media Engagement

How to Increase Social Media channels, likes, comments, and shares

Social Media has become a significant part of our life. We all use different social media accounts to connect with our loved ones. However, these social accounts have much more potential than being a way to stay connected with people.

It has shown its potential for businesses with a fantastic reach for new customers. Any business can create an account on these platforms and start connecting with their customers.

However, getting more followers, likes, comments, and shares on your social media handles is the real challenge. To get some positive results, you need to take it seriously.

It all depends on how you treat your audience. Think of your audience as a more critical part of your life. It’s just like a dinner party, welcoming people, and engaging with them as much as you can.

Although you don’t have to push yourself for long hours, you need to put some consistent effort into your account. If you’re having trouble managing your Social Media, then maybe you need to reconsider your strategy.

Here are some ways and tips that’ll improve your Social Media channel, likes, comments, and shares to help you out.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Optimize Your Profile

No matter what platform you’re using, working on your profile should be your priority. It is the first place where you can create an impression on your audience. Generally, a profile includes your Display Picture, Bio, Name, and other necessary details. Using them correctly can help you create long-lasting impressions on your potential followers.

You can start by choosing a professional Picture for your profile. There’s no need to look for perfection as showing who you are, helps you connect with your audience better.

After that, you can write a to-the-point bio and add your details there. If you are a business account, you need to focus on your business details and try to offer as many details as possible.

However, you can go a bit creative on your profile. Add a quote, use some emojis, anything that can create an impression on your audience.

2. Post Engaging Contents

Post Engaging Contents

Make quality contents that encourage people to like, comment, and share your posts. Always remember that people who follow your account are looking for some high-quality content. The same goes for the people who are not following you at the moment. Hence, to attract a new audience, you need to add some value to your audience’s life.

Add Captions: You can ask a question in the caption of your posts. If your posts are getting engaged with comments and shares, you will most likely be getting more reach.

Make your content shareable: Shareable content increases your engagement and make it reach new peoples through the Platform itself. To make your content shareable, you can relate it to peoples’ actual lives when they find out that they can connect it to their lives, they are more likely to want to make their friends feel the same.

Quality: Content quality is the key to your success in gaining engagement. You can never get some followers if you do not have some quality content. Always remember that content is king, and there’s no other option but to focus on your content’s quality.

3. Run Contests

Run Contests

Holding contests is one of the best ways to engage new audiences with your posts and bring followers to your account, and of course, while providing your followers some fun.

You can let the participants leave a comment or answer a question. It’s up to your creativity how you want to select a winner. There are various ways, though. You can choose a winner comment either with the most likes or the one who can answer the most questions.

Another way to hold contests would be a ‘Fill-in-the-blank’ contest. You can ask the participants to answer the trivia questions. Select the winner with the correct answer.

4. Upload More Videos

Upload More Videos

Almost 80% of the accounts post images on their handles. Hence, all these platforms have enough pictures for their users to browse. However, when you share a video on your profile, you can get better engagement.

It is the game of supply and demand as platforms like Facebook and Instagram prefer to push videos more.

Additionally, videos can attract people’s attention to them. You can keep your followers engaged for a long duration by uploading videos. So if you can, it will be a lovely way to maximize your engagement with the new followers.

The engagement of your videos depends on how you post them. Make sure to upload your video directly on the Platform instead of dropping a link to it. Else, your video wouldn’t be getting much love from the algorithms.

5. Create Your Content Calendar

As we mentioned, scaling any social media account requires consistency. Creating a content calendar ensures you never found yourself stuck in the What To Post Triangle.

You can create a personalized calendar or use a standard content calendar to know what and when to post your account.

This strategy is crucial for every type of social media design. Hence, you can invest some time and effort to get better results from your campaign.

6. Provide Value To Your Audience

Provide Value To Your Audience

People follow or like a page for two main reasons- Knowledge and Fun. If your page does not fall into these categories, you may have difficulty growing your social media handles. However, you can easily make your business page relevant to these categories.

The basic mantra of getting followers is to add value to their life. Give them the reason to follow you. Post the quality content but also make sure to make them enjoyable; people might get bored sometimes.

Final Words

Every social account starts with zero followers. All it takes is the right strategy with proper execution. Hence, you can quickly increase your social media channel, likes, and comments easily.

However, you will need to be constant with your social media strategy. The above tips focus on creating a powerful brand that can engage and attract some new followers. Follow these tips for 2-3 months, and you can quickly increase your account engagement drastically.

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