How To Increase YouTube Video Views

How To Increase YouTube Video Views

Have you ever felt like your video is not getting enough love from your audience?

Well, it is common when you are trying to scale a new channel on YouTube. Although YouTube is the largest video streaming platform, most new creators are unable to get views on their videos.

There was a time when you could efficiently run your channel with the ‘content is king’ mantra. However, things are different now. You need to know your audience and YouTube algorithms to get some viewers for your videos.

Today, you will learn everything about getting more views on YouTube videos.

It includes:

  • Create a Content Calendar
  • Use attractive Thumbnails
  • Create an engaging Title
  • Provide both enjoyable and knowledgeable contents
  • Use Hashtags
  • Provide quality descriptions

Create A Content Calendar

Running your youtube channel as a side business requires a lot of effort. You may get confused with what type of content you should post on youtube. Hence, the content calendar is a great excellent choice to never run out of scope for your channel.

Additionally, you can decide what type of content should be posted each day or week. You can start by creating a custom calendar or download a content calendar and start adding your video ideas there.

With this strategy, you will find yourself with enough content to keep your audience engaged with your videos.

Use AttractiveThumbnails

Thumbnail is the image that shows a snip of the video to the user. Hence, it is there to educate the user about your video and help him decide whether to watch your video or not. Therefore, it is crucial to use this part to engage your customers with your youtube video.

You can add a separate thumbnail or use a video snip for the task. There’s no need to use the thumbnail from the original video.

However, According to some youtube experts, it is better to use a snip from the original video for your thumbnails.

Here are a few essential things that you should consider while creating your youtube thumbnail:

  • It should reflect what your viewer is going to get in the video
  • Should be catchy but avoid using a clickbait
  • It should stand out from other search results

Create An Engaging Title

The title of your video plays a crucial part in the success of your youtube video. Almost every creator is aware of this fact and tries to develop a catchy title for their videos. Remember that the only motive of your youtube title is to make the person click on it. After that, all the responsibilities are moved to your video content.

However, it does not mean that you can start using irrelevant titles (or clickbait) to get more clicks on your videos.

It is something that most of the creators ignore and ends up getting penalties by youtube.

Provide Both Enjoyable and Knowledgable Contents

Your information or knowledge should be ahead of all the other things, but it’s also essential to make your video enjoyable. However, it sure is a challenging task. There is a possibility that you might have to put your time and effort into it.

It’d help if you try to provide them the valuable content, whether you’re explaining or teaching something. When people find your content helpful, they’ll most likely want to get more information and prefer your videos to watch.

Use Hashtags

Like all other platforms, using hashtags can be a very effective way to increase your videos’ reach. Hashtags can make your videos viral and provide you engaging audience in your niche.

However, using hashtags can be the most effective but somewhat least means, it’s essential to use the relevant hashtags for your videos. Else, they might not work as well as they should be.

To use accurate hashtags for your videos, it’d help if you do some research and find the most relevant hashtags in your niche. Of course, you can find many hashtags on Google and copy-paste them; it sure can work for a good long time. But it also may get useless at some point. So, it’s rather astonishing to research your own hashtags and use them.

Here are some tips on how you can make your own group of hashtags;

  • Find Trending Hashtags: To start making a group of your own hashtag, it’d help if you find the trending hashtags in your niche.
  • Use Hashtags in Order: Of course, you’ll find a bunch of trending hashtags, but which ones to use? Try to pick hashtags with less to more videos associated with it. That’ll help you to cover all types of hashtags.
  • Don’t stuff Hashtags: Your video will get nowhere by using a bunch of hashtags. Means, using 10 or fever hashtags, is more than enough for your video.

Provide Quality Descriptions

Optimizing the description is also plays a considerable role in completing your video. You can actually explain and give the main points of your video in your description. This way, it’d be a lot easier for your viewers to get information about your video.

However, you can also add an excellent brief explanation of your video by keeping the keywords in your mind. Try to use as many keywords as you can in your description. Select the keywords according to your video’s topic and add them to the explanation of your description. It’d help if you find the keywords that people search the most for that topic.

This will optimize it for search engines, and your video most likely appears on the top.

All of these things conclude that the descriptions can be a beneficial way to make your video perfect. So, optimization of the descriptions shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Final Words

Youtube video views play a crucial role in your youtube journey. Hence, you need to create a proper strategy to increase the reach of your youtube videos conveniently. The factors that we have discussed in this video will help you with your end goal.

You can also experiment with the above tips and see what works for your channel. Remember, what works for others might not work for you the same way. Hence, you need to put in some effort and be patient with your youtube videos.

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