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Top 5 Best Hunter.Io Alternatives In 2024

Hunter io is a popular email finder and verification tool. However, it’s not the only tool of its kind on the market. There are several other email finder and verifier tools that offer similar features and functions. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top 5 best Hunter io alternatives in 2024.

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Well, so that’s what we’re talking about today.

The Best Hunter Io Alternatives

We still highly recommend Hunter.io if you want to do link building, it’s a well-rounded tool with easy instructions and extremely effective results. But again, if you have any problems with it here are the world’s top 5 best Hunter Io alternatives right now.

Hunter Io Alternatives
Hunter Io Alternatives

1. FindThatLead


You can use FindThatLead for lead generation, but it’s more focused on sales. It’s not just about lead generation, but also other types of outreach processes like sending out emails or email verifiers. The email marketing platform has all of the same features that you’ll find in Hunter io, including a way to search by domain and track emails as they come into your system for verification purposes with their dashboard.

Can be difficult to use when starting but the user experience with FindThatLead is so great and easy to use, even if you’re a beginner. It has helpful tutorials that will teach how to get started as well. FindThatLead’s biggest USP is the social media research tools.

You can use FindThatLeads main dashboard or its Chrome extension, to crawl websites for email addresses based on people’s LinkedIn accounts. Making this a great lead-generation tool when used in tandem with sales operations. With a few APIs and the help of developers, you can automate your sales team’s work for more efficient operations.


  • With FindThatLead, it is easy to find new potential leads for just about any company. Imagine being able to think of your ideal B2B customer and then locate the right person that can help you reach them.
  • The email-finding tool that’s considered to be one of the most accurate in its category, with a top priority for tools like these.


  • You pay for all the garbage emails that got through.
  • Poor information for European and Asian companies. Localization is mostly for the USA. In other countries, information is very limited.
  • After struggling with the tool at first, then through videos and webinars on YouTube, I managed everything.

Customer review

4.2 out of 5 stars


FindThatLead Pricing

2. VoilaNorbert


You’ll find that when it comes to picking an email address provided, most providers are very similar. They all offer the same features and services with little variation in prices so there is no way for a customer or client of yours will be able to judge one company over another based on these factors alone. It has been said that VoilaNorbert is a bit more difficult to use than other lead generation tools like Hunter io and FindThatLead, but it does come with some advantages as well.

For instance, it doesn’t have a chrome extension which can limit your research options and the number of leads you’ll receive per month for $50 is lower than FindThatLead’s offerings although still more affordable. Instead of a free plan, it only offers 50 leads to try the system.

That’s why it might not be such a great choice if you’re on the budget. But there are some things going for this option: customizable costs and features that can fit your needs perfectly. VoilaNorbert is a great way to get leads without having any monthly costs. You can choose how many you need and pay for them.


  • It’s rather simple and the tools we’ve tried provide the best results by searching for email practices.


  • With any other tool, you can often find emails that are no longer valid or don’t work. But there’s nothing I could do about it people change their addresses every day.

Customer review

4.2 out of 5 stars


voilanorbert pricing
Voilanorbert pricing

3. Snov.io


Snov.io takes the model even further by offering lead generation and email address finder features in addition to their excellent CRM system for sales teams who want more information on potential prospects before making contact. It’s not surprising that Snov.io mostly resembles Hunter. Since they are two similar services with very little difference in features or workflows for the most part.

But as I mentioned before there are differences between the two. For starters a bit cheaper. The Snov.io email marketing platform is a great option for people who want more from their CRM features and as an all-inclusive package, it could be just what you need to take your company’s emails into the future.

Though Hunter.io is better at scraping data, its interface makes it easier to use and the company has a much more seamless process for doing so which we like.


  • The Snov.io is worth it if you have the funds for it. A huge timesaver and an awesome-looking piece.
  • This is one of the best in terms of quality and features offered.
  • The product is amazing! I used it for both personal and professional purposes such as generating leads, running out campaigns, etc., The best part about this tool is its features which make my work easier.


  • Considering the fact that this service is free, there really isn’t much reason to complain.
  • The CRM is like unorganized chaos. It’s difficult to navigate and find what you’re looking for because of the lack of organization, but luckily there are some great tools available.

Customer review

4.6 out of 5 stars


snov pricing
Snov.io pricing

4. AnyMail Finder

Anymail finder

AnyMail Finder is the perfect tool to help you find your emails. It has a bulk research feature, which can conduct searches on different categories of addresses, and also offers APIs so that they may be integrated into other programs or systems easily.

While it is a bit more costly than some of the other plans on this list, your purchase will allow you to use 200 search queries every month. You also get an exclusive free trial period with only 90 searches before being signed up for another subscription fee plan or having access denied in which case there would be no further uses possible unless purchased again outright at full price ($30/month).

But Anymailfinder is on this list because it focuses more on bulk leads management, and offers great API support. It also has integrations with other tools that make the process easier for people looking to use their own email crawler in conjunction with other software packages they’re already using or developing.


  • This is a great tool for any sales team. I would recommend it.
  • I love the way that this program is so easy to use. Not only does it have a helpful staff, but its features are just awesome.
  • With its easy-to-use and affordable price, this product has won me over.


  • Everything about this place is great.
  • Watch as your subs fly through the roof with no limits. Switch to a low monthly subscription and experience incredible growth.

Customer review

4.5 out of 5 stars


AnyMail Finder Pricing

5. ContactOut


ContactOut is a great tool for those looking to find, validate and manage email addresses. It has an easy-to-use dashboard that you can access from any device with an internet connection as well as extensions on both Chrome browser and iPhone/iPad if needed. The first advantage over Hunter.io is that it can also research LinkedIn for email addresses, so again a better choice when looking to generate leads with your business.

ContactOut’s interface makes it seem like a contact management platform for enterprises, but you can only sign up if there’s an opportunity to do so with their sales team. Their offers range from $20-$200 per month, and they’re happy to onboard you even if your company is small. We found this out by doing some research on them.

ContactOut is one of the best alternatives to Hunter but it looks like most of their clients are enterprises so they’ll probably get all attention, still a good platform for big companies though.

Customer review

4.6 out of 5 stars


contactout pricing
Contactout pricing

Which software should you buy?

It’s important for you to think about your business requirements when making a software decision. The right choice will depend on what is required and how it can best serve, so make sure that this aspect has been considered before jumping into anything.

There are many different Hunter Io alternatives, but I hope this post gives you an overview of what they have available to offer.

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