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The online gambling industry is larger than ever. Maintaining a strong presence and authority in such a competitive niche hasn't become any easier either. Leave it to Desire Marketing to develop an extensive backlink profile through its link-building services -- with the assurance of a stronger presence, enhanced SEO performances, and increased organic traffic and engagement.

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Why Link Building is Vital for iGaming Websites

A strong backlink profile is crucial for any business or website. However, the online gaming industry finds itself in a unique position where link-building is absolutely necessary.


While the gambling industry has expanded exponentially, so has the competition. There are tons of iGaming businesses trying to get hold of the market and climb the SERP ladder. Quality link building allows businesses to stand out from the fierce competition.


The iGaming industry has financial risks, and trust concerns are a part of it. As a result, a priority for these businesses is creating credibility and trustworthiness in the market. Link building can help a business overcome skepticism and turn it into a trusted brand.


Search engines can put in higher regulatory decisions when it comes to the gambling industry. As a result, you need to ensure a stronger backlink profile and brand credibility to get past the boundaries and regulations. Creating an impressive backlink profile is therefore mandatory for iGaming brands.

These reasons alone make link-building a necessity for online gaming or gambling businesses. So, how does Desire Marketing approach it?

Benefits of iGaming Link Building Services

Link-building services can offer extensive benefits to gambling or casino websites and businesses.

Rank Higher and Gain Organic Traffic

Link-building acts as a positive signal to search engines, showing that other trustworthy websites have often linked to you. Additionally, they can direct traffic to your website, which tells search engines that you provide relevant and credible content. 

Consequently, you’re also likely to be ranked higher in search results. As a result, link-building boosts your organic traffic along with the directed traffic that you receive from other websites.

Highly-Focused Audience

Unlike strategies like advertisements, link-building allows you to sculpt your audience for the long run. You have full control over your content and the websites you’re outreaching or guest posting on. 

As a result, the traffic you gain through this process is highly focused on your target demographic instead of being scattered. This allows for a higher chance of conversion and boosts your ROI (Return on Investment) quite significantly.

Garnering Trust and Credibility

iGaming or casino businesses have to work harder to gain trust or credibility in the industry — for customers and search engines. A solid backlink profile sends a message to your potential customers that it’s credible and trustworthy, making it likelier for them to click through your links. 

In addition, search engines often put additional safeguards on casino and gambling websites. Gaining credibility through a strong backlink profile makes it likelier for search engines to rank you higher as well.

Diversified Backlink Profile

While a focused audience is great, a backlink profile with a narrow scope isn’t. It must be diverse enough to attract customers and businesses. You also have a higher chance of being discovered if your links are sprinkled throughout relevant industries. 

Furthermore, search engines prefer diversified backlinks, as it shows that a brand is known and trusted through different related niches. Link-building provides that for your website.

Receive Long-Term Benefits

Unlike traditional marketing methods, quality link-building prepares you for the long run, which is especially crucial for the iGaming industry. Link-building provides you with a solid base that keeps building a larger customer base and trustworthiness throughout the industry. 

This sustained growth significantly boosts your revenues without having to continuously come up with new marketing strategies.

Our Approach to iGaming Link Building

As mentioned, the casino or gambling industry requires a customized approach to link-building. We categorize this process into primary segments, starting from the initial consultation and advising with you.

Step 1

Consultation and Research

Once you approach us for link-building purposes, we’ll look at your current KPIs, industry competitors, and SEO performance metrics. Additionally, our team will perform separate in-depth research on your brand’s presence and authority in the niche, along with its tangible performance on search engines. 

This allows us to create a detailed list of goals, buyer personas, and KPIs tailored to your requirements. Furthermore, it guarantees clear communication throughout the link-building process.

Step 2

Implementation, Content Development, and Publishing

Once the link-building strategies are decided upon, our content writing, outreach, and marketing teams get to work. We begin developing blogs and guest blogs and build backlinks and brand relations through outreaches. 

Additionally, we’ll optimize your existing content to ensure they’re link-worthy. Once we go through the steps, we move on to getting the changes online.

Step 3

Monitoring and Reporting

Link-building requires constant monitoring and necessary tweaking to get the most out of it. Hence, our team will monitor crucial metrics like your Domain Authority, organic traffic, or the SERP rankings. These help us make any necessary changes to the strategies and fine-tune them. 

These details are also offered to you as white-label reports at regular intervals — allowing for the highest efficiency.

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What Separates Desire Marketing from the Rest

The benefits of link-building are obvious, but what unique role can Desire Marketing play here?

Quality Content Creation and Optimization

  • Desire Marketing’s specialist team of writers can provide you with high-quality content made from scratch. They’re relevant, authoritative, and detailed — making them link-worthy and rank them higher. Additionally, the content we develop maintains its unique placement in the niche. 
  • We provide services like niche edits, blogger outreach, and broken link building, allowing us to place your website within existing authoritative content. These strategies rely on quality content, solid outreach, and long-term planning, which Desire Marketing guarantees.

Control, Customizability, and Scalability

You maintain significant control over the link-building process throughout the steps. This allows us to sync with your KPIs and goals to fulfill the right metrics and results. You can also provide us with your target keywords and audiences. 

Our services are scalable as well, meaning you can size the link-building process up or down depending on your industry or target audience. Along with our affordable pricing tiers, this makes the whole process easy and efficient.

Backlinks from High Authority Websites

When Desire Marketing provides you with backlinks, it ensures that the sites are all trustworthy and authoritative within a niche. We look at multiple metrics to ensure this, including Domain Authority (DA), organic traffic, content consistency, and important search engine ranking metrics. 

You also get to choose specific DR or Domain Ratings for your links. This allows us to pick and choose sites that provide lasting backlinks with sufficient reputation to boost your business.

Contextual and Natural Backlinks

Backlinks are only worthwhile when they’re implemented naturally within the context of the content. Otherwise, customers are unlikely to click on backlinks. 

Whether we’re developing the content from scratch or niche editing, the goal is to always sound natural. As a result, every link you receive through us is placed within the flow of the content, making readers likely to click on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure that the backlinks I receive from you will last long?

We go through multiple steps to guarantee that. Firstly, the websites have to be trusted within their niche with a significant track record. For niche edits, we ensure that the content has ranked high for a sustained period. For guest posting or blogger outreach, we look at a website’s SEO performance and its presence in the industry. 

However, if a link becomes obsolete soon after we’ve built it for you, Desire Marketing will replace it with a link of similar quality.

What makes link building specifically beneficial for my iGaming website?

The iGaming industry has to go through a lot of hurdles. From Google’s webmaster guidelines for gambling websites to a general skepticism for this niche — it’s absolutely vital to create authority and trust for your brand. Link-building allows you to create a backlink profile that ensures your credibility and trustworthiness, resulting in better rankings and higher traffic.

How do you approach reporting and client management?

Each of our clients has dedicated managers to keep them updated frequently. In addition, we closely monitor the changes in your website’s rankings, traffic, and other metrics to make sure that the link-building process is working as intended. All of this data is offered as while-label reports to you for further verification and updates.

How do you adapt your strategies with search engine algorithm updates?

Firstly, our content is created with quality in mind, meaning we guarantee quality and depth in everything we create. As a result, it’s unlikely for our content to receive negative effects with any search engine updates. And even if that is the case, our constant monitoring ensures that we make any necessary changes to our content and strategy right away.

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