15 Ethical Link Building Strategies to Boost SEO Efforts & Can Beat Your Competitors

Link building strategy is one of the prime game-changers in the SEO industry. Google uses this factor as a primary metric to decide whether your site is good or worst for its audience. Nobody wants anything bad for their business, right? Today we will show you some best link-building strategies which are foolproof. It means it will be under all kinds of white hat SEO strategies. These strategies are also known as SEO outreach strategies. Just because you have to do this by spreading promotion about your content to various sites related to your niche, let’s see what is cooking!!

As days go by, Google is updating its algorithm. Gradually they are planting more importance the quality than quantity.

That’s why gathering quality backlinks is hard nowadays but not impossible. This article will show how you can execute a killer plan for creative link-building strategies.

What is link building strategy?

What is link building strategy

In a clear word, we can say that Link building means getting links from websites that will redirect to your site. Sounds complex?

Ok, let’s say your niche is smartphone accessories. You write a post about taking care of gadgets to maintain their welfare. Another site whose main product is smartphone gadgets will mention your post link in their article when they find it relevant to their description.

This is what link building looks like in general. Google judges a site by this parameter mostly. How much authority site link you have, the quality of links, also if it’s relevant to your content.

The more quality and high-class links you have, there is better the possibility you can beat your competitors and rank on the first page of Google. That’s the main object, right?

The owner of Backlinko, Brian Dean, increases his traffic by 110% more by using a great SEO outreach strategy called Skyscraper. You can’t ignore this SEO step if you want to compete with your competitor on a large scale.

Why is Link Building Strategy important for SEO Campaign?

After reading the following information about link building, naturally, a question will arouse in your mind. Why do I need link building?

The most crucial part of the search engine optimization plan is link building. Previously it was a monopoly game by authority sites. Even you had to pay for it. Cause back there quantity got more importance than quantity. But thanks to the google penguin update. After this update, google prior quality over quantity. No matter how many backlinks you have, they will get no value if they are not rich in quality and relevance.

To get on the top of the mountain of google SERP, this plan is a must. Without it, your site won’t be successful, and all your results will be in vain. Keeping making quality content useful to the audience is the priority to make this happen and earn some real killer quality backlinks.

If you want to make your SEO strategy successful, focus on link building campaign more than anything. Grow, nurture and spread it all over the web to supercharge your ranking game in Google.

Now we will describe one by one each best link-building strategy. We divided it by some criteria.

Recommended by SEO Pros

recommended link building strategy

Skyscraper Technique

This is one of the most successful strategies with proof out there. Brain Dean made 110% more traffic on his site within 14 days in 2015. To see the details about his case study, you can check this post. It is still a simple, natural, but very effective tip for SEO. Also, it can be called a creative link-building strategy. It maintains three principles.

1. Find the best content for your targeted keyword. It will be the number 1 post on google’s first page. That means it holds a lot of valuable backlinks.

2. Make something better than it. Write something better. More useful info, more facts, more length. But in this case, do not just overwhelm it by adding info that is not relevant. This may cause a reverse result. Add something useful in every perspective. Focus on graphic design also. It will help to engage more audience.

3. Reach the useful people with a proper message. Let them know you have something that can be helpful for them too. Make your approach smart. All effort would go in vain if you failed to execute this part properly.

In general, the skyscraper technique means when you find something higher, you add up something more valuable to it to make it higher and achieve your goal.

Guest Post Writing

An old-fashioned method but still work like an evergreen one. We know wine gets better as it gets old. The same thing works for guest post writing. This is one of the finest SEO outreach strategies. Your post is not valuable to yourself only. It can add more value to other sites connected to your niche. The hidden secret is that not every site asks to write for them openly, but they accept if it’s useful. Why won’t they? If a piece of content makes their traffic healthy, that’s good for business. So make some guest posts monthly. Making at least 5 posts monthly is good for link building for your site.


The word HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. Well, this is one of the finest passive link-building approaches right now. You can charge up your link-building campaign without seeking links from author sites with her link-building strategy. Haro works like a reverse outreach strategy. In other plans, you have to make all the approaches to others, but in HARO, journalists with tons of sources will come to you. All you have to do when they send their query email there they will throw some questions. Full fill their curiosity with much detailed info. Journalists are some busy folks with lots of work on their tab, so if you can minimize their work, they will be happy to help you. With this strategy, you can earn a lot of backlinks that are good in quality. It will increase the organic traffic, There subscription offers much more. To check their offer, check HARO. Their support is awesome.

Best Overall

best link building strategy

Broken Link Building

This strategy can also be named helping each other strategy. Sounds interesting? It is. You have to search pages with blog posts that are dead external links. Then you have to inform the webmaster about it and suggest a website that can be replaced with their content, Your content. Technically you are doing them a great favor by informing them. Also, it’s a great tactic for your google ranking and a quality link. You can try this method using the Google search box to find dead links.

1. your keyword + links

2. your keywords + resources

3. keywords inurl: links

But you have to make sure you have the same content as the broken link used to direct. If you meet these criteria, you can generate many links with less effort.

Resource Page link building

A simple but creative link-building strategy for achieving something best in quality. You can use your content to mention some top-notch authority. Make sure your content contains much quality with useful info. You can outreach to them by asking for links. This is helpful and effective. Because you approached them first and linked them first, it will be showing a humble gesture to them. Also a great power-up for achieving quality links for your website.

Outreach link building

Outreach is a new kind of technique by which link building goes through to a new level. It’s all about building relations with people and authority and making a circle of your interest. There are many outreach methods, such as social media outreach, email outreach, and influencer outreach. Each type requires a different strategy, but the goal is all the same. Only one purpose. Get links as an exchange of your valuable content or by your approach. You have to convince and make them believe you can be a great help for them in many aspects. As SEO becomes difficult day by day, future link-building strategies can be said.

Backlinks through Infographics

This is one of the finest strategies we can ever find. Human loves visualization. If you want to express something in less time, infographics can be a great addition to your content. An infographic is a versatile option that can generate an insane amount of backlinks from any source. You can post it in your email outreach. Use it on various forums to get a no-follow link but still valuable for organic traffic. Post it on the infographics directory, which is free, or use paid service that is 100% reliable. An infographic needs to be made with a good guide and attractive design. Also, you can search for brands and influencers that are under your niche; you can ask them to use them in their content. This process will become visible to many viewers; it will also generate a good amount of organic traffic and quality backlinks.

Expert Round-up and Ask for Link back

This is a plan you need not make the content fully by yourself but by gathering the right info in one post. Expert round-up is difficult, but the best link-building strategy is still now. Some people call it dead, but if we look at hub spot and ahrefs post about expert round-up, we will find it very interesting. The basic expert round-up includes gathering expert quotes in your content which will be much l for your audiences. When you do so, you can ask the expert to interlink with you, and they will likely help you. But it still has some more to do than earning backlinks. It will create a constructive relationship with the people around your niche, and a good network will be built. In a nutshell, we can say that it won’t help you build links directly but will make some real impact, increasing the flow of build linking.

Most Popular

most popular link building strategy

Niche edits or Link Back

One of the most advanced link-building outreach strategies. Well, for now, it seems a broad plan to execute, but it is much more fruitful. Niche edit means insert your post link in an author site of your niche post related to yours. Make sure the post is old and has good organic traffics. Find the exact content on which you want to put your link. Ask the webmaster about it and make sure your content is worth their intent. Broken link building is a branch of Niche edits. It is also known as curated links. This strategy is quite popular because many websites don’t welcome guest posts, but they accept niche edits or placement of your link. It helps to affect audiences and juice up a huge amount of backlink for you. There is no doubt about the quality as they come from an authority site.

Link Swap

Link swap or link exchange is kind of prohibited but still a worthy strategy as a better SEO link building strategy. It’s like you promote me; I will promote you. In the end, we will both get a good amount of links. Ahrefs did a nice study on it. You can check it. It is also known as reciprocal links. Link swap is tricky and dangerous. Overdoing it can cause your site penalization by Google. The main base is your content. Make your content relevant and make sure that you approach with a proper plan so that it won’t look like you are not only linking your content for links but also the welfare of the visitors.

Spy on your competitors

Success is not always constant. It transfers from person to person. The moment you step down into the SEO sector, the competition starts. But as an SEO expert, it is a good practice to observe your competitor. Make a list of lackings they have. Work on it and get some real-time output.

Easiest Link Building Methods

Easiest Link Building Methods

Success is not always constant. It transfers from person to person. The moment you step down into the SEO sector, the competition starts. But as an SEO expert, it is a good practice to observe your competitor. Make a list of lackings they have. Work on it and get some real-time output.

Answer Questions on Various forums

Who doesn’t love a helpful guy? Everybody appreciates some good help. Explore many kinds of forums about your target niche. Post useful comments and try to help them with your content. Leaving a link in the comment section can generate organic traffics and good backlinks.

Press releases

Make some good promotion of yourself and your product. A press release is a good way of doing that. Every niche has its event. Being engaged in the event is important. After the event, you can post a full report about your event on a Press release site. That will attract the audience and let them know what you are doing. It’s more engaging than anything. This strategy has possibilities of many inbound links. Besides, the link will help build a useful community for your niche.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is becoming popular day by day. Because it is a versatile strategy, you can first do some fundamental indexing that lasts long in google because google will trust you as worthy of it. If you submit your website URL to the directory website, it will increase site authority. You will produce a lot of quality no-follow links. So much link-building flow in a single strategy!!

Get Social Bookmark Links

Social bookmarking means representing yourself on a site where people store the link they find useful, such as Reddit or Twitter. The link you will get from these platforms are pieces of gems. Make yourself visible on these platforms, and keep posted about all your recent progress on theirs. When a certain amount of visitors find it useful, they will bookmark it. This will help Google realize that your content is useful.

Key Point Before Creating an Authority Backlink

How to check the linking website’s health?

Well, there is no direct answer to this fact. But it is a very necessary step to check the website’s health. We can determine it by checking the following facts:

  • Check Traffic and Organic keywords

There will be a few good backlinks without good traffic. Again we need to research our keyword and compare it with the website we target to get quality backlinks. If the traffic is good and the keyword generates a good amount of organic traffic monthly, that website can be your association for building good quality links. Ahrefs or Semrush has good tools to check these facts with proper graphs.

  • Check Link Profile

A referring domain, also called a linking domain, refers to a website that links to another site within the backlink profile you examine. Every referring domain can have one or more links to a website. The ratio of Dofollow and Nofollow links needs to be maintained balanced.

Review their relevancy

If you are writing about dogs, for example, gradually, you are earning links from site-related fishing. Is that make any relevance? I don’t think so. Make sure the source has actual relevance according to your niche. Otherwise, your months-long labor can go wasted.

In SEO, Link building strategy is one of the most tactful strategies of all. It makes sure your site’s purity toward google. Also, it is a great SEO outreach strategy that has many versatile ways to perform. We provide these kinds of link building services for your site SEO. It will help you produce organic traffic for your website and gather great power up for your rankings.

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