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Link Insertion Best Practice in 2023

Link insertion is the most overrated but powerful strategy for acquiring links from authoritative websites.

Gaining quality backlinks using this method is not a hard nut to crack. That’s why we make this in-depth guide for you.

If you follow this guide step by step, you can do link building like a professional off page SEO expert and that will increase your organic traffic to a great extent.

Continue and let us help you to know how to do link insertion like a pro!!

What is Link Insertion

What is the definition of link insertion? Link insertion is the way of white hat link building that includes adding a link into an already existing content of another relevant website of your niche.

If you’re looking to improve your website’s link popularity, then you should definitely consider link insertion.

This is an effective way to improve the reader’s experience and ensure that your site gets more traffic.

Example of Link insertion in real life

Let’s assume you have written a brief and in depth post about safe ways of doing niche edits for building links. Some authoritative website has written big pillar post about link building. There he mention niche edits but did not discuss in brief.

After you find out the post, you outreach to the webmaster, show him your blog post and tell him that Your post has some value about niche edits. It can be a great information source for his audience. Then they will add the link to their post by anchor text and there you go, you got some nice traffic.

This is how link insertion occurs, you provide him value by your well-researched post and in return, you get some link juice in your website.

A go-to strategy in white hat link building strategy

  • Saves time

Instead of guest posting, you can save a lot of time in link building by doing link insertion as you don’t have to create a new post.

A new post means there includes research, content planning, competitor analysis, and a lot of things to cover.

In the link insertion method, you just have to add your existing post’s link to another post by anchor text. So it saves a lot of time and effort.

  • Decrease the penalization risk

As you are following white hat methods to build links so the risk of penalization is none. We all know how much of a nightmare it is for any website to get a google penalty and sometimes it’s the end of the journey for a blogger.

  • It’s a natural way to acquire good links

In this method, you are giving value to the webmaster by giving him some good supportive content that can increase his post’s strength. So it’s totally a natural way to acquire links.

  • Brand awareness

By connecting to another brand and getting yourself exposed to many audiences, you just make your brand awareness in a massive way that you can’t even do with paid ads.

Especially if you get links from Press Release, then it will be a gold mine for you to make brand awareness to a great extent.

  • Instant SEO performance boost

When you get backlinks by link insertion, a sudden SEO performance will happen on your website. New organic keywords will start to pick up, your organic traffic will increase and your link profile will increase.

Link Profile: A link profile is a collection of links pointing to a website. The links can come from other websites, social media, or even from the website itself.

A link profile helps search engines understand how popular a website is and how it should rank in search results. Having a strong link profile can help improve your website’s visibility and organic traffic.

How to do Link insertion Properly to get the maximum result 

Find the right website

  • Check DR and UR

DR stands for Domain rating. Its metrics are from Ahrefs. It determines the overall strength of the link profile of a website.

Again UR stands for URL rating which determines the overall link strength of a page.

So by measuring DR we can determine how many good backlinks the website or the domain have and by UR we can determine how many unique domains are referring to our targeted page.

The ideal DR score for a Website is at least 40. On the other hand, the ideal URL Rating for a page is 20+.

Note: DR is the domain level metric but UR is the page level metric. They both are logarithmic metrics.

  • Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is traffic that comes to any website without being paid for it. This can come from search engines, social media, or other websites. If your targeted website has minimum monthly 1k traffic. That’s a good sign to insert a link there.

  • Check the site state of any previous penalization from Google

This is the important thing to notice. For the website you are selecting, make sure it hasn’t caught any google penalty.

 If any website gets penalized by google, then it’s the end game for them. That is a very rare case scenario where they have a chance to recover. Check this blog to know how you can check this state.

  • Topically relevant

That website needs to be relevant to your niche. If you are blogging about gardening and you are targeting a website that does blogs on sports then it makes no relevance at all.

  • Organic Keyword Dropping

Make sure the website has not lost a big amount of organic keywords in the past 6 months. That indicates they don’t optimize or update their content on a regular basis. A bad website to put your link on.

Check the content quality

Less outbound link

An outbound link is a link from one website to another. For example, you are writing a blog post and for reference, you are mentioning Wikipedia and linking it to your blog through anchor text. That’s called an outbound link.

The fewer outbound link your targeted content has, the better. Cause there will be less chance that people will miss your blog, as there is not many outbound links so a majority of readers will redirect to your post.

More inbound link

Inbound links are the links that a post earned naturally. The more quality inbound links a post has, the better it is in the eyes of Google. It earns more traffic because of it. Inbound links are also known as Backlinks.

Proper interlinking

Make sure your targeted content has done the proper topic clustering or interlinking. It will let pass the link juice of its whole website to your website and that’s a huge boost for your traffic.

Make a proper Outreach

  • Find their contact info

You can easily find any webmaster’s contact mail in the “contact us” section. If there is no contact us section then you can use Hunter.io to find the mail that you are looking for. It allows you to find 25 contacts for free on a monthly basis.

  • Make an engaging pitch copy( here we will add some templates of outreach)

There are tons of cool outreach templates on the internet which you can use to create a super engaging outreach pitch that works. Here is an example:-

Hello {{prospect first name}},

Just got done reading your article on {{topic}}. Great read, and extremely informative. However, I have an idea on how to make it even better.

You covered {{subtopic}} in good detail, but you missed a few points. I have a resource on {{subtopic}} that talks about exactly that.

I think mentioning it would bring some extra value for your readers and give them a wider view of {{topic}}.

Let me know what you think and if that’s something you would be interested in doing.

Thank you,

{{your name}}

You can change the tone and approach as you want.  We just gave you a template to give you an idea of how a pitch should be created. Check out more templates here.

  • Outreach them

Now it’s time to hit the send button to the websites and have some patience. It may take several days and sometimes they reply instantly.

  • DO follow up

You may have sent the best pitch of your life, but it’s not like each and every outreach will be a successful one. Sometimes it can get mixed up with thousands of emails.

You need to do some follow up campaigns to get a reply. Patience is the key here to getting the pitch work.

Close the deal with proper negotiation

When they will reply to you back, they will give you their pricing list. Well, that’s not a fixed price. You have a chance to negotiate the price with them. If you have a long list then they will sometimes make custom pricing for you.

  • Keep in mind about the price

Do an analysis of the average price for a link insertion in your niche. From niche to niche the price can be from 50$ to 1000$ per link.

  • Try to negotiate and make a reasonable pricing

Make a good conversation with them and negotiate with them to get a reasonable price for them. So that you can use the source again to get links to that same prize.

Here we can offer our clients the desired marketing service and mention the reasonable pricing system.

Instruct them with proper steps

The outreach and negotiation part is done. Now it’s time to instruct them how your links will be inserted into their website. In the reply mail, you need to include this information to make their work easy.

  • Their blogs link

The targeted blogs you want to put your link on. Provide the URL.

  • Your content’s link

Also, provide them with your desired URL in the mail. It could be your home page, service page, or blog resource.

  • Anchor text

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. You need to choose this according to your demand. Here is some criteria:-

If you put your blog’s link in the anchor, then it should be generic.

If you put your home page link, then it should be your brand name.

If you put the link of your service page or money page then it should be the partial match anchor text or exact match text.

To get a more detailed concept of anchor text, read Gotch’s post about it.

Things to keep in mind during the link insertion

  • Make it look natural

Try to keep the anchor text as natural as possible. Make it appear in the content in a natural way. So it won’t send any bad signal to the google crawlers.

  • Keep the relevance 

Relevance is the key to success. Put your link in a post that is relevant to your blog and adds value to the other website. In return, you will get much value.

  • Make sure both contents are quality

Both your resource and the content you are targeting need to be qualityful. Both of them need to be information-heavy, with lots of images and bullet points and no wall of text.

 A well-designed blog post is good for UX and it attracts much organic traffic in the long run.

Best practice:- Homepage, Money page, or Pillar article.

Editorial link insertion [ bonus fact]

Editorial link insertion means placing your blog’s link in a news press release of big organizations like BBC, and CNN. They are one kind of Big authoritative site with an insane number of DR.

But it is so hard to get links from them because they come naturally and they are not for sale in most cases. Even if you can buy them, they are the most expensive ones. Buying a link insertion for 2k $ doesn’t sound reasonable at all.

But you can sometimes get your editorial link insertion by following the steps below:

  • Create content that is nearly impossible to compete with. Make a data-driven case study or blog post that can give value to many users.
  • Look up your competitor’s editorial links ( if they have any)
  • Do podcast
  • Engage with your community and make valuable resources for them.
  • Work on your brand to make it popular

Do you need to pay for placing links on a website?

It’s not obvious in some cases but in most cases, the webmaster demands a charge for inserting a link in their website. So link insertion is not absolutely free.

But if your brand has much value in your niche industry and you made a post that is extremely data driven, then you have a chance that your post will be cordially accepted by any webmaster.

For a starter blogger, it’s not free most of the time.

So how much does link insertion cost? There is no exact price range for that. It starts from 25$ to 200$ per link, totally depending on the niche.

Link insertion Vs Guest Post [ Who is Better?]

Link insertion and guest posting, both are organic ways to get backlinks. But which one is better?

In guest posting, you can post to other websites with your identity. When you will create a post, that includes research time, content idea storming, making a unique content layout, writing that post, and preparing media for that.

 That’s a lot of work. So basically if you have the opportunity of doing guest posts on three websites, then you have to invest a lot of time to preparing those posts. It’s time-consuming and sometimes all your hard work will go in vain if the webmaster don’t allow you to post at all.

In that case, in link insertion your post is ready, it has already been indexed by google and it has much value. You don’t need to create a new one to get backlinks.

So here we see that in the comparison of LInk Insertion and guest posting, Link insertion wins all the way.

Link insertion cons

Though link insertion is a natural way of getting backlinks it has cons that we need to mention here. If you can prevent those you can get a better result.

  1. There is a chance that sometimes the webmaster won’t allow you to put your links through relevant anchors.
  2. Admin sometimes doesn’t allow me to push paragraphs. All they allow is a word or a long tail word. Which sometimes seems unnatural and irrelevant.
  3. Most of the time webmasters won’t put your links in a well-performed post.
  4. They won’t allow you to link up with your home page or money page unless you are a renowned brand.
  5. If you have bad site architecture and don’t have a good interlinking silo, the link juice won’t flow properly and that won’t bring much good for your SEO.

Guaranteed Method that works:-

There are no hard and fast rules that work exactly in this method of acquiring backlinks. But there is some checklist that we follow in every campaign and it works perfectly for us. You can follow this checklist.

  • Make sure you do the on-page and technical SEO from your side.
  • You have good site architecture.
  • You choose a website that is not hacked or doesn’t do anything that is considered illegal in the terms of google.

Some Common FAQs Regarding Link Insertion

What is the best link Building Strategy?

There are many link building strategies in the off-page SEO world. Among them, Link insertion works extremely well.

How do I do outreach for inbound links?

You can do outreach for inbound links by following some cold outreach templates like this. With proper outreach, you can earn some great inbound links to increase your organic traffic.

Will link insertion hurt my website’s health?

If you get links from relevant sites and your targeted website has no issue that is harmful in the google policy, then there is no chance link insertion can harm your website health.

Here we just described our field experience when we do link insertions for link building and how we operate such campaigns in a workflow. It can help to achieve quality links that help a website rank well in the SERP. How do you execute the link insertion process when you do it for yourself?
Let us know in the box!!

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