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Ultimate Guide to Niche Edit Link Building In 2024

Niche edits is considered one of the most effective and vital link-building strategies in off-page SEO. If you are short on budget and need some backlink boost for your traffic, then you are in the right place. Here is your ultimate guide to niche edit. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about this strategy. This step-by-step process will lead you to the path where you can earn some backlinks and a good amount of organic traffic on your website.

What is Niche edit? Is it Link Insertion or Curated Link? 

Well as we previously read about link insertion and curated links, maybe there is a misconception about those terms. But a fun fact is that these are the only alternative names for niche edits. That means you can call this process also by these names if you want. But no matter what name you are going to call them, they are all the same. 

Niche Edit work? YES! If you do it properly 

Naturally, a question will arise in your mind “ is it going to work?”. This type of question is common because we all know link-building methods are not direct methods that have a 100% guarantee. But if you can do your on-page SEO properly and maintain your site health in a good way, there is much surety that niche edits will heat the success bar within no time. 

Your on-page SEO and maintaining the security of your website are necessary because nobody wants to visit a site that is full of spam. Google won’t rank you in the SERP because of less on-page SEO and in the long run, your site can be penalized.

Pure whitehat method, effective and easy to do (sometimes gets instant link) 

Niche edit is considered a pure white hat method. We know the types of SEO based on morality. White hat SEO strategy gets huge favor from Google algorithm. Especially when it comes to link building, people try to do some black hat method, but that’s not a good idea. 

Pro Tips: Are you afraid of the black hat SEO method? Check out these 15 white hat SEO method that still works in 2024 and can help your business grow.

If you execute niche edits properly, it can sometimes get you instant high-quality links that will do you a great favor. Also, it’s easy to do and more effective than any other plan.

Niche edits help fairly new websites accelerate their organic position in no time 

When someone launches a new business, they always find it much more difficult to rank on Google’s first page. Google’s first page is like a display to the whole world. So to rank on the first page of Google aka SERP, Niche edits help a lot. Niche edits drive a lot of organic traffic which is related to their business niche. With a lot of related customers, any business can boost its progress to a great level.

Guest post vs Niche edits which is better?

Guest post vs Niche edits

Guest posting vs Niche edits, who will win? Well, we can’t ignore the good effect of guest posting while we are on a mission to earn some links from authority sites. When people will see your nice content, they will want to meet the author and that will result in a good amount of audience will visit your website. But sometimes authority sites don’t want to post content from other sites as they have much more value than Google. 

Their brand value is important. Most of the time they charge a high amount which is costly in the long run if you are planning to post a lot. 

In that case, niche edits come in handy. All you have to do is find content that is relevant to your niche, and outreach the webmaster through a nice email. There is a chance they will link your content through an anchor link in their content. That will save more time and money. Because if you get selected for guest posting, you will need a huge time to research and write the content for them. In niche edits, you don’t need to go through that process at all. 

So niche edits win over guest posting all the time.

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Why consider niche edits for your link building strategy

Now we will point out some facts about why you should include niche edits as your main weapon in the link-building campaign. Let’s see what we have got for you:-

1. Increase website authority 

If you can do the niche edit properly, you will get links from authority sites. Google sees the authority site as a priority in your niche. In this case, as you are getting links from them, gradually Google will start to consider you as an authority site too. This will increase your authority rate by a great number.

2. Spread brand visibility 

Not only are you earning links but also you are spreading your brand’s name through the web. Creating brand value for your niche is very important for a long time ROI. So basically you can outreach to the mass people without any cost. That’s a plus point for your website.

3. Drive instant high-quality traffic 

If you get a chance to put your post’s link to your desired website, If the audience likes the content much, they will instantly visit your website by clicking the anchor text. So there is a chance of getting huge traffic for your website.

4. Organic rank (position) improvement 

Your website’s rank will improve on Google if you have a good amount of organic traffic on your site. Organic traffic comes with organic visitors. When someone comes to your sites naturally, here naturally means from typing the keyword in the search console, that traffic is considered organic traffic.

5. Save time and effort (also the cost) 

By doing niche edits properly, you can save a lot of time, effort, and money. As you are asking the webmasters to insert your content’s link in their post as you have a great info-heavy post that can give much value to their users, it’s valuable for the website too. You don’t have to beg like you have to do in guest posting. You can send emails to many webmasters at a time and have some patience as it takes time to respond. In the meantime, you can do other processes for your off-page SEO.

6. Increase the link profile 

Increase link profile

Some metrics matter to rank in Google. One of the main matrices is the link profile value. The more quality links you earn, the higher your link profile will be. In this process, you are earning links that are rich in quality so which will increase your website’s link profile value.

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7. Natural and quality link 

You are not paying money for the backlinks. And you are trying to get a link from a high-profile website. So all the links you are getting from this strategy, they’re natural and best at quality.

How perfectly done Niche edits DIY 

Let’s see, how can you do some perfect niche edits and be successful. If you follow these steps properly, your failure rate will be very low. So try to stick with these steps to get a better result.

Select asset first 

First, analyze your competitors. Especially their monthly traffics, and organic searches. These are important. Make a list of them. They are now your assets. Your main focus will be on them. From them, you will try your heart and soul to get some good backlinks.

Find out their contacts

In the footer section, you can find the contact info which is a business email. By that mail, you can outreach them. But in some cases, there is no contact info in the footer part. You can check the author’s profile for getting some contact info. They will have their social media links to the author’s profile so that’s an alternative way to make some contact with them.

Outreach them to insert or mentioned a link 

As you have found a way to contact them, write a good outreach mail with much formality. First, appreciate their posts and website quality, and then gently express your intention. Making them understand your content can send some good value to their audiences. Tell them to insert your content’s link through anchor text or just simply mention your brand name in their post.

Do negotiation (sometimes website admin ask for a favor) 

Not all the time a webmaster will just insert your link in their post. Sometimes they will ask for something from you that will come in handy for them. Do a reasonable negotiation and get the job done. Do not disappoint them by doing an unprofessional approach.

Ask to put a link 

Whenever you see that an authority site has mentioned you in their post but did not insert your website’s link, you can outreach to them and ask them to insert the link. This is another way to do niche edits. They find your resources helpful that’s why they added them to their content. make use of it in a better way.

Key considerations before selecting the website and asset

What are the main things you need to keep in mind when you will start to find your targeted website and asset? Well, some prime factors need to be maintained if you want to execute the plan properly. We need to check the site first and then the targeted post also. we have mentioned some key factors that will help you to ensure that you are selecting the right website and post for your best niche edits.


  • Choose aged websites

Your targeted website’s domain needs to be an aged one. It means it needs to be aged for 2-3 years at least. An aged domain proves that the site is no joke on google.

  • Consider the niche relevancy

The website you are choosing for your niche edit backlinks needs to be relevant to the niche you are working on. It is a very important factor. Without relevance, you will miss a lot of traffic and you will lose the conversion rate.

  • Check the domain authority (DA) & domain rating (DR)

Domain authority and domain Rating are also two major factors that Google considers to rank a website on the first page. Higher domain authority means you have gained much topical knowledge in your niche, so if your desired website’s domain authority and rating are not high enough then you can’t select them for your journey in niche edit. 

  • Check their backlink profile

Check out all their backlinks. Where they are coming from and what kind of sites they are. Make sure all of them come from a secured site and fulfill the google algorithm requirement.

  • Don’t forget to check their traffic graph

Keep checking their monthly traffic graph. How they are doing, and how much organic traffic they are getting. If the site has enough traffic, you can go for it without any doubt because that means you can manage good traffic on that website.

  • Check their online presence and social channels

The website you are targeting needs to be responsive to its audience in the comment section. If they just disappear after doing a post and are not concerned about what their audience is commenting on, there is a low chance that they will respond to your outreach. So checking the online presence of the webmaster is also a vital factor.


  • Choose a post that is relevant and has originality

Select a post that is relevant to your niche and make sure it is well-researched. Well-researched content is always useful for any reader. In resourceful content, if you can add extra value, that will become a valuable asset for your industry.

  • The post must have a good number of graphics

Graphical visualization is the key to content as always. A picture can say a thousand words by itself. The post you are selecting makes sure it has a good amount of unique images in itself.

  • Post must have at least 5 headings and subheadings

Each targeted post must contain a minimum of 5 h1 and h2. That will help the crawler to detect that it’s a well-researched post with much value. Also, it will help the reader to understand the topic clearly. More breaking the point, the better realization.

  • Post must have organic links (Can check via Ahrefs and Semrush. Sometimes not match this criterion)

Those posts must have organic links in them. If you find it hard to find, there are always some nice tools like Semrush, and Ahrefs to help you out. However, this criterion is not applicable in all cases. but still, it is a factor that needs to be checked.

  • Post must have gets organic keywords (You can check the organic keywords via; Ahrefs and Semrush)

Post with more organic keywords will need to be your priority. Because organic keywords help a post to rank better and faster in Google’s SERP. What is an organic keyword? An organic keyword is searched naturally in the search console, which needs no money to get ranked.

  • Fewer outbound links (A lower number of external links on that post)

A sign of a good authority post is that everyone will link to it but it will link to a few. So a post with a small number of external links is good to go.

  • Good quality article with lots of on-page factors done (you can consider other on-page factors)

Make sure your targeted post has fulfilled all the on-page factors properly. On-page factors like keyword optimization, h1-h2 tag optimization, meta description with focus keyword, and permalink with focus keyword.

  • Choose an aged post that indexed for more than 6 months

This is kind of a technical point where you need to check a post. Check the sitemap of your targeted website and make sure it has been indexed a minimum of 6 months ago. That means it has earned some good trust with Google. If they earned the trust of Google, there are chances that it will help you to get good traffic in the long run.

Be aware of these before Niche edits

Precaution is always necessary if you want to succeed in your goal. Check the below list of what you need to be aware of before getting niche edit links from any website:

Avoid PBN 

PBN stands for a personal blog network. PBN is a Black hat method in the SEO world. When a group of blogging sites with the same niche intentionally exchange links with each other to get many backlinks, that’s not a good thing in the eyes of Google. Make sure you do not send outreach to a website that has gained links from crapped PBN sites.

Note: PBN works in some cases if you practice this strategy wisely. However, it takes time to understand how to utilize it. Don’t take PBN links if you don’t aware of this method. Check out the advantage and disadvantages of the PBN link-building strategy in 2024 and see how we grow business by 300% with our PBN link-building services in 2022.

Avoid hacked websites 

Sometimes hackers hack websites and put links as they wish. As they hack the website, they also take control of everything. From this kind of site you can’t get links, they will do the same harm to your website’s health.

Avoid websites that just manipulate the SEO metrics (DA and DR) 

Some websites just increase their DA and DR by doing black hat link-building practices. That gives them some good traffic for a shorter period but in the end, they fail and get wiped out by the google core update.

Avoid sites that are irrelevant 

Websites that are not aware that they don’t post according to their niche are considered Irrelevant sites. From this kind of site, you can’t get a related audience for your content by interlinking. So avoiding this kind of website will be a good practice.

Avoid sites that have gambling, drugs, casino, porn, and other banned niche assets 

There are some restricted niches in Google. They are gambling, porn, Drugs, etc. Though they have some good traffic, they are still illegal on the internet. So anything illegal can’t be healthy though they have a lot of traffic on their site.

Choose the right Niche edit service

You can choose Niche edit link-building services if you want to get some help from real experts. How can you determine which one is good for your business? Let’s check out:-

  • Manual outreach relevant to Niche

Agencies that do manual outreach to the webmasters that are related to your niche are the good ones. They send some good outreach mail that convinces the webmasters effectively and in the process, they gradually put your link on the content.

  • Avoid toxic and irrelevant sites

A good niche edits service always keeps its connection with quality sites that update their posts with proper research. They always avoid Toxic sites that manipulate the SEO illegally and irrelevant sites.

  • The average price matters

Though the hassle of niche edits is much to cover, agencies that charge an average price in the marketplace are needed to be your first priority. You can do some long-term business with them as the price is not so high.

  • The turnaround time

The average turnaround time needs to be not so long. Because if you invest so much time and money in one specific step, that will affect the other steps as well. So the turnaround time needs to be average.

  • After-sales service

In all kinds of services, it is a valuable term that needs to be considered. You may fall into many kinds of trouble after some days or months or years. That doesn’t mean the agency is not responsible for it. So agencies that give after-sale service properly are the really good ones.

  • Provide consultation

A good consultation is always as valuable as a diamond. Maybe sometimes you need more of it than anything else. Those who provide consultation about how you can do better at your website are the ones who know what they are doing.

Desire Marketing’s safe and perfect Niche edit service

At Desire Marketing we make sure you get some high-authority backlinks from our niche edit service. We execute each and every step properly to make sure your link building campaign achieves its best result. We have a dedicated team that experts in the link building industry and know exactly how to generate some real value backlinks for you.


Are Niche edits similar to broken link building?

No, they are not similar. In the broken link building strategy, you need to find an expired link on a website and replace the broken link with your relevant resource. On the other hand, in niche edits, you need to find a relevant post to which you can add your post’s anchor link.

Are Niche edits better than a Broken link-building service?

Well, they are both good in criteria. But niche edits serve the best purpose as you are basically making an authority’s content more strong by adding extra information, researching, and getting some good ROI.

How much does link insertion cost?

It costs from $50 to $1000.

We just sorted out some of the best tricks for Niche edits. By implementing these techniques you can sometimes achieve many kinds of high-quality links related to your niche. It’s completely an organic way to get backlinks for your website.

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