Proven Techniques for ABC Backlink Exchange

Proven Techniques for ABC Backlink Exchange

If you are here on this page, you are already a fan of ABC backlink exchange and you are over the debate of whether it is the right option or not. 

In this article, we will cover different techniques for ABC backlink exchange that will help you generate backlinks without worrying about the risk of getting caught by Google or any other search engine. 

Before we go ahead, let us quickly explain the ABC backlink exchange technique and how it works.

ABC backlink exchange or 3 way link exchange is the process where Website A sends a backlink to Website B and Website B sends a backlink to Website C. Here, you can see that none of these websites are swapping links (you link to me and I’ll link to you) and everyone is getting a unique backlink.

In some cases, Website C can also send the backlink to Website A to ensure everyone is getting a backlink. It is done to ensure there is not a direct link exchange between two websites.

Remember, every website is linked to a different one to create a one-way backlink cycle.

You can also adapt an upgraded version of this technique by having more websites. That is why it is recommended to use this strategy with multiple websites to reduce the risk of getting penalties from Google for exchanging backlinks.

Disclaimer- We do not recommend any backlink-building strategy that is against Google’s guidelines on the topic. So, try these methods at your own risk.

Here are some of the most creative methods to exchange backlinks without making it too obvious for search engines:

The first and most effective method is to use 3 way backlink exchange. As mentioned earlier, in this process, 3 or more websites send backlinks to a different website so that everyone can get one backlink from a unique website.

The only condition here is you need to send a backlink to a different website and receive the backlink from a different one.

For example, Website A can give a backlink to Website B. Similarly, Website B can give a backlink to Website C. Now, Website B, and Website C have a unique backlink and they are exchanging links with each other.

To complete the cycle, Website C can give a backlink to Website A and then all 3 websites will get a backlink without triggering Google’s backlink policy.

Reciprocal Guest Posting

Guest posting is another great method to exchange backlinks without making it too obvious. Through guest posting, you can mention someone’s website naturally in your article and ask them to do the same. Remember that you should always try to add spammy backlinks and provide value to your audience.

To ensure this, you can find a website in the same niche and find an informational blog on their website that is relevant to your content. This way, you can exchange backlinks and the search engines won’t have any problem with that.

You can still use some other legal ways to generate high-quality backlinks for your website. These methods may take additional efforts to generate backlinks but these links will always deliver better results and they will prove to be more effective in the long run.

Create Linkable Content 

The secret to getting backlinks without putting in any effort to create the content that other wants to mention. For example, if you do research on an interesting topic, other websites would want to mention that research in their blog post and then will most probably link to your website to share it with their audience.

Similarly, if you have a web-based application that is useful to someone’s audience, they will mention you in their blog post and you will get a free backlink. 

Broken link building is a process where you find broken backlinks to other websites and share them with webmasters. Here, you can slide in some valuable resource from your website that is similar to the page that the website was referring to. This way, they will replace that page with your webpage and you will get a backlink without putting in much effort.

There are many SEO tools that let you find broken links online.


Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a platform that helps journalists connect with sources. This gives you an opportunity to contribute to someone’s article with your opinion and get a backlink in return. A lot of leading media houses are using this platform to find relevant sources for their blogs, articles, magazines, and other publications.

All you need is to create a profile on HARO and establish yourself as an expert on any topic. 


ABC backlink exchange comes with its own pros and cons. That is why we recommend you understand your options and decide accordingly. Here, we discussed some of the safest methods to use ABC backlink exchange to improve your domain ratings without attracting a penalty from google.

So, all you need is to try out these methods and see if it works for you. We highly recommend you check out the alternative methods we shared for link building as they are genuine and proven methods to create backlinks easily.

Sheikh Shadi Shuvo

Sheikh Shadi Shuvo is CEO and founder of Desire Marketing , a Dedicated Link building Agency  headquartered in Bangladesh. He is an expert in  SEO & Link building  . Sheikh Shadi  loves talking about Link building & SEO and he aims to help online businesses grow and thrive.

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