Top 12 SEO Expert Consultants In Ukraine [2024 Updated List]

SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine

Finding the right SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine can greatly benefit your business. A strong online presence is essential today. Whether you're a small business or a large company, a skilled SEO professional can boost your search engine rankings, increase website traffic, and improve your bottom line.

In this article, we've listed the top 12 SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine. These experts have proven success and can offer strategies tailored to your business needs. Let's explore the best SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine who can help your business grow online.

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Top 12 SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine

Yuriy Kobrin

Innovator SEO Leader

Yuriy Kobrin is a leader in innovative SEO and usability systems. With extensive experience in project management and interface usability, he has helped numerous businesses improve their search engine rankings and user experiences.

Andrii Verevskyi

CEO of Elit-Web

Andrii Verevskyi leads Elit-Web, a top-rated SEO agency in Ukraine. His team’s efforts have significantly increased organic traffic and conversions for clients like BOLT and BUILD4LESS. They are praised for their results-oriented approach and excellent communication.

Alex Tkachov

Head of SEO at Promodo

Alex Tkachov specializes in project management and communication, leading to impressive increases in website traffic and organic search results for clients such as Citrus and Kedoff. His strategic approach has been key to Promodo’s success in the digital marketing space.

Oleksandr Pliuta

Founder of Inweb

Oleksandr Pliuta heads Inweb, a digital marketing agency and Google Premium Partner. He focuses on making clients market leaders through SEO, PPC, and mobile marketing strategies. His expertise has earned Inweb several awards for excellence.

Ivan Klymenko


Ivan Klymenko is an expert in performance marketing and web analytics. Under his leadership, UAMASTER provides data-driven marketing solutions that enhance brand awareness and drive growth for clients.

Iryna Semenova

SEO Consultant at Moody Marketing Agency

Iryna Semenova offers creative and flexible marketing solutions, specializing in SEO and market research. She has helped businesses in Lviv and beyond boost their online presence through innovative SEO strategies.

 Viktor Morozov

Director at Wonder Web Agency

Viktor Morozov focuses on custom software development, UX design, and SEO. His team’s efforts have led to significant improvements in website speed and conversions for clients such as SK BUD and BRK Group LTD.

Olga Berezina

SEO Specialist at WildWeb

Olga Berezina excels in web development and SEO. She has worked with various clients to enhance their online visibility and improve their search engine rankings through tailored SEO strategies.

Dmytro Hryhorenko

Founder of Webmozaika

Dmytro Hryhorenko specializes in web development, web design, and SEO. His team’s multidisciplinary approach ensures comprehensive digital solutions for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

Serhii Kutsenko

SEO Analyst at Webnauts

Serhii Kutsenko focuses on SEO, web development, and e-commerce development. His analytical skills have helped numerous clients optimize their websites for better search engine performance and user engagement.

Kateryna Ivanova

SEO Consultant at Coderfy

Kateryna Ivanova offers custom software and SEO solutions. Her expertise in web development and search engine optimization has helped businesses achieve significant improvements in their digital marketing efforts.

Mykola Vasylchenko

Marketing Specialist at A Group Consulting

Mykola Vasylchenko is an international marketing consultant specializing in SEO, PPC, and advertising. He has successfully managed digital marketing campaigns for clients across the globe, enhancing their online visibility and driving business growth.

FAQs About SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine

What should I look for in an SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine?

Look for experience, proven results, client reviews, and a clear understanding of your industry.

How can SEO help my business in Ukraine?

SEO can improve your search engine rankings, drive more organic traffic to your website, and ultimately increase your sales and revenue.

How long does it take to see results from SEO in Ukraine?

SEO results can vary, but typically, you may start seeing noticeable improvements within 3 to 6 months.

What is the cost of hiring an SEO Expert Consultant in Ukraine?

The cost can vary depending on the expert’s experience and the scope of your project. On average, hiring an SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine costs around $150 to $300 per hour.


Hiring a top SEO Expert Consultants in Ukraine can significantly impact your business’s online presence. These experts have the experience and proven results to help you achieve your SEO goals. Reach out to any of the experts listed to enhance your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

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