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Top 15 IT and Software Companies in Bangladesh In 2024

With around 5000 registered software companies in Bangladesh, Its growing ICT sector is meeting more than a billion USD worth of software demand in the local industry (Source). UNCTAD affirms the ICT sector has been observing an annual growth of 40% since 2010, and the trend isn’t slowing down.

Such a saturated market often makes it difficult to identify the right company to accommodate your goals. Our round-up of the Top 15 IT and Software Companies in Bangladesh will give you a solid idea of what to look for when choosing your ICT partner.

Our selection is based on the following:

  • Clients served
  • Projects done
  • Unique selling propositions

Be it an e-commerce venture or your next big app idea; by the end of this article, you will have all the necessary information to choose wisely.

Top 15 IT and Software Company in Bangladesh in 2024

1. Data Soft– Software Company in BD


First on our list is Data soft. Since 1998, this software company has built an impressive track record serving clients in the corporate and public sectors.

Their clientele includes:

  • The Government of Bangladesh
  • UNDP
  • British American Tobacco
  • BRAC
  • bKash
  • WASA, and many more.

They have developed several products within the domains of:

  • Financial ecosystems (remit 365, Co-Op360, Central bank reporting)
  • Port and logistics
  • Virtual reality
  • ERP-Smart enterprise
  • E-commerce solutions

Known for their Enterprise resource planning and Fintech projects, the software company helped automate a wide range of business processes and mainstream various banking operations.

2. LEADS– IT Company in BD


Starting their journey in 1992, Leads has made quite a name for themselves, securing several ICT awards including:

  1. Best ICT solution provider 2017
  2. Champion award from BASIS national ICT awards 2020
  3. ICT Pioneer award 2020.

They have served

  • The planning commission
  • The national board of revenue
  • The life insurance corporation

And international brands like:

  • H&M
  • Coca Cola
  • G4S

However, they specialize in simplifying banking and financial services.

Their portfolio mostly consists of:

  • Banking and NBFI (non-banking financial institution) solutions,
  • Capital market solutions,
  • ERP
  • Insurance solutions,
  • Data warehouse and analytics,
  • Digital innovations.

They excel in automating processes involving transactions and large data volumes.

3. IBOS– Best Software Company in BD


Intelligent Business Automation System, an AKIJ company operating for more than a decade, is focused on bringing top-of-the-line business solutions. Besides handling all of AKIJ’s software needs, the company has served major brands like:

  • The Uttara group of industries
  • The Hi-tech group
  • The Madina group.

They have done projects concerning business automation, be it streamlining salesforce management, VAT and tax returns, HRM, Finance, procurement, or even distribution.  

Despite of not having a diverse portfolio, they are highly skilled and experienced in business process automation. Hence, when it comes to business automation, IBOS is one of the prime choices. 

4. Brain Station 23-Best IT Company in BD


Powered by the bright minds of BUET, Brain station 23 started their journey back in 2006. Though the initial focus was on the international market, they started gaining pace locally in 2010. 

Although they expertly handle several sectors, the majority of their projects are in the realms of:

  • Ecommerce 
  • Android and iOS applications
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Cloud computing
  • .NET framework

Impeccable track record and top-notch service helped them acquire major clients like:

  • Incepta pharmaceuticals
  • Aristo Pharma Ltd. 
  • British American Tobacco
  • Othoba
  • Apex
  • Otobi
  • ACI
  • Berger
  • Polar
  • Nissan

From developing apps to building games, they have done it all. If you are looking for a software company in Bangladesh to handle all your IT needs, Brain Station 23 can be a viable option. 

5. Tiger IT– #1 IT Company in Bangladesh

Tiger IT

Next on our list is Tiger IT, a prominent software company in Bangladesh capable of providing nationwide solutions. Their public sector clientele includes:

  • UNDP
  • Department of Immigration and passports
  • Bangladesh Road Transport Authority
  • Election Commission of Bangladesh 
  • Ministry of Labor, India
  • Department of Transport Management, Nepal.
  • Department of Immigration, Bhutan. 
  • National database and registration authority, Kenya

And in the private sector, they have served renowned brands like:

  • Grameen phone ltd
  • Banglalink
  • Robi

The projects they excel in are:

  • Biometric registration and identity management system
  • Voter registration system
  • E-passport system
  • Identity access management system

With close to two decades of experience in biometric research and extensive expertise dealing with large population data, Tiger IT is ideal for nationwide service projects. 

6. Synesis IT– Software Company in BD

Synesis IT

With over 15 years of experience, Synesis IT has been providing solutions to the health, education, telecom, finance, local governance, Education, Energy and power, and BPO sectors of Bangladesh, along with overseas clients. 

Some of the noteworthy clients are:

  • Bangladesh government 
  • Borger guard Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Army  

Major projects of the company include:

  • Electronic Fiscal device management system
  • Consumer rights and complaint management system 
  • Online E-tin registration system 
  • Medical counseling and consultation service system
  • Decentralized education management information system 

Having extensive experience in IT infrastructure design and large-scale system integration, Synesis IT is ideal for national and international projects regarding service process simplification. 

7. Southtech– IT Company BD

South Tech Group

Already in their third decade of operation, Southtech group is a seasoned software company in Bangladesh, serving clients like:

  • BRAC
  • Icddr,b
  • FAO
  • A&W
  • Intercontinental 
  • Bangladesh government (NATP 2)

Southtech provides UI/UX solutions, data center services, Consultation services, and Software development services. Some of their major software are:

  • Ascend financials (microfinance)
  • EasyVAT (VAR management)
  • SCALED (HR management)
  • Ascend smart lending (Loan organization system)
  • EasyCom (Ecommerce solution)

Business process and service automation are their strong suits. Startups or established businesses looking to automate various processes could find them to be strong strategic partners. 

8. Spectrum– IT Company in BD


In their 10 years of operations, Spectrum has served The Bangladesh government, developing various websites. They specialize in projects involving smart identity, health care, education, e-library, e-commerce, digital payment service, central biometric attendance, and ERP. 

Spectrum can be a good option if you are looking for a strategic partner with web development skills.            



The company has been operating since the turn of the millennium and has served major private banks in Bangladesh using their third-party payment processing service Q-Cash. Along with that, they have a track record of serving:

  • UNDP
  • GrameenPhone
  • Teletalk 
  • Robi 

Noteworthy projects include:

  • Q-Cash
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Kiosk (deposit machine)

This software company can be a good choice for projects involving transaction switching, biometric ATM solutions, and card management systems. 

10. Business Automation ltd. 

Business Automation ltd

As the name suggests, Business automation ltd. specializes in automating business processes. They have served clients in the government, banking and health sectors including:

  • a2i 
  • Bangladesh Bank
  • icddr,b

Some of their products are:

  • One-stop service platform for interoperable online service delivery.
  • Insightdb, for monitoring business data from one dashboard.
  • Enterprise business solution for mobilizing organizational operations. 

If you have a business that could benefit from kiosks and digital elements in pursuit of automation, Business automation Ltd. could be a smart choice. 

11. Shurjo Mukhi Limited

Shurjo Mukhi Limited

As one of the early adopters of online payment gateway systems, Shurjomukhi has made quite a name for themselves as a prominent Fintech company in Bangladesh since their inception in 2011. Their clientele includes:

  • IBA
  • The Daily Ittefaq 
  • Dhaka stock exchange
  • Bangladesh armed forces  

Major projects

  • Online payment gateway
  • Payment link generator
  • QR-based payment solution 

Shurjo Mukhi can be a valuable strategic partner for online businesses and services that require wired transactions. 

12. Workspace Infotech

Workspace Infotech

Workspace Infotech is a renowned software outsourcing firm serving clients from Bangladesh and Australia. Though they provide software development services, their main competency lies in IT staff augmentation, where Companies can hire their engineers to complete specific projects and tasks.

13. BJIT


BJIT is an offshore software company in Bangladesh with global offices in Japan, The U.S.A., Finland, Singapore, Sweden, and The Netherlands. They uphold global standards serving clients like:

  • Google
  • Sony
  • Rakuten
  • Toshiba

Their expertise lies in 

  • AI and machine learning
  • Data collection 
  • Object detection

BJIT is ideal for projects within the domains of cybersecurity and QA & test automation. 

14. Magnito Digital

Magnito Digital

With 18 international and national awards, Magneto Digital is one of Bangladesh’s most decorated Software companies. Along with several renowned Bangladeshi brands, they have served clients like:

  • Uber
  • Nestle 
  • Le Meridien

Their products include:

  • Designing
  • Content creation
  • Software development
  • Advertisement

They are adept in digital marketing campaigns and digital content creation that could take your ventures to the next level. 

15. Divine IT Limited

Divine IT Limited

Divine IT is another behemoth of a software company in Bangladesh, sporting a portfolio of over 5000 thousand completed projects for more than 500 clients. They have served clients across all sectors in the national and international markets. Some renowned clients include:

  • Keya
  • Singer
  • Anwar Group

Though they provide services on everything from cyber security to mobile app development, their expertise lies in the following:

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • HR & payroll system
  • VAT system
  • Production and planning control 

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We recommend you consider three major aspects when looking for an ICT partner.

  • Your budget
  • Nature of your project
  • The scale of your project

For app development, we recommend Brain Station 23. For eCommerce solutions, Southtech can be quite effective. And for ERP, we recommend Data Soft.

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