Top 20 Paid Survey websites

You can make money by taking surveys online. The best survey websites pay you money on giving your opinions about different things. The survey websites have different ways of paying money. You may earn points and redeem them to get gift cards through some website and some pay you cash through money transfer services.

Doing surveys is just a spare time activity that makes you earn some extra money from home. Surveys which pay you money have some requirements of how much the person is suitable for the job. So selecting the correct paid survey website is very important because you can not qualify for every survey you see. 

If completing surveys is a kind of a task that you think you can do and earn money from it, you should look for the best and trustworthy website for yourself. Now a question will come in your mind which are the most legitimate website for paid survey? We will take you through the list of top 20 paid survey websites.


Swagbucks is a great survey site with a lot of different methods for making money. In fact, members have won over $470 million. Begin by earning money by taking surveys.

Then, to earn extra points, surf the web, view movies, play games and much more. In Swagbucks you have several options of redeeming points, you can redeem cash at start and then with time you redeem your points into gift cards.

You can also redeem your points into credits for different online stores. They have total 7000 gift card options.


Toluna is a reputable website that works on behalf of major corporations. They want to know your thoughts on a variety of products, services, and issues. Toluna members earn points by participating in surveys and polls, playing games, and introducing friends.

Members may also produce their own material, such as polls, through an active online community. For high-quality content, you may earn up to 1,000 points. You can use toluna from both android and iOS devices.

Depending on the length of the surveys you can earn upto 50,000 points.


On list of the greatest survey sites, InboxDollars takes the top place. The nicest part about InboxDollars is that there are no points to worry about. Instead, you earn money by doing online surveys and participating in other online activities.

That way, you’ll always know how much money you’re making. There are various methods to make money with InboxDollars.

You can watch films, play games, and purchase online if surveys aren’t your thing. Reading emails and redeeming discounts can potentially earn you money.

Survey JunkieSurvey Junkie

Survey Junkie is still one of the best paid survey sites out there. With a membership of nearly 3 million people. The most appreciate aspects about Survey Junkie are how quick and simple it is to get start.

Simply create a free account, fill up a profile, and you can begin conducting paid surveys right away. You can redeem your points into cash or gift cards. They minimum points limit to redeem cash are 500 points. 

Opinion OutpostOpinion Outpost

By taking surveys, viewing advertisements, and testing items you can simply earn money from Opinion Outpost. You’ll earn points for expressing your thoughts, which you can exchange for cash or gift cards at participating businesses.

Joining is completely free. It just takes a few minutes to complete the enrolling procedure. You just need to complete 5 surveys to be eligible for a reward, and each one takes about 10-15 minutes.

Minimum amount per survey is 50 points and you can get rewards of money and Amazon vouchers.


GlobalTestMarket is the most popular paid survey websites which is operated by Global Market Insite, Inc. Payment methods include PayPal, cheques, and cash in terms of equal gift cards for certain brands, and the delivery of cash prizes and other rewards like gift cards based on “Market Points” for surveys completed.

In addition, each completed survey is worth 35-250 points. A minimum 5 points are award for unqualified surveys. Competition entries and monthly cash draws are also provided.

Survey SavvySurvey Savvy

Since 1999, SurveySavvy has been connecting corporations with opinion sharers and rewarding them with cash. Survey Savvy is a website that pays a fixed amount for each survey completed.

What most people are impressed by is that they have a simple and flat rate of $3 per survey. Along with giving good payments Survey Savvy produce very high-quality surveys.

The surveys are usually demographic in nature, and if your profile matches, you will requested to participate in them by email.

MyPoints SurveysMyPoints Surveys

MyPoints Surveys has been in this business for so long that they set themselves apart from the competition. By due to having been in business for so long, MyPoints surveys set themselves apart from the competition.

If you start a survey that you don’t qualify for, MyPoints will pay you with some points as a replacement for your lost time.

Over 236 million dollars has been paid out in gift cards and cash by MyPoints.  Although they are better recognized as a gift card rewards program but having two alternatives is beneficial.

Valued OpinionsValued Opinions

Valued Opinions is one of the largest networks of paid surveys websites worldwide through which you can earn cash and rewards by redeeming points. Typically, you may earn anywhere from 5 to 300 points each survey, with 500 points matching $5 in your wallet.

Surveys take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Members whose profiles meet wide categories and requirements are sent online surveys.

American Consumer OpinionAmerican Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is a platform that welcomes users from all around the world. It is a website with a user base of over 7 million people. They are largely a web group; however, they do occasionally invite members to engage in surveys by mail or phone.

The average survey at American Consumer Opinion takes around 10 minutes to complete and pays anything from 100 to 5,000 points. Once a member’s balance reaches 1,000 points, they can cash out.


PrizeRebel is a the most popular website for paid surveys as it is growing day by day since 2007 and has over 10 million users. The payout of PrizeRebel is $21 million up till now in form of cash and rewards.

It’s easy to make money with PrizeRebel. Simply create a free account to begin taking surveys, viewing movies, and taking advantage of special offers.

You’ll earn points that you can exchange for cash, Paypal credit, or gift cards right away. PrizeRebel also provides promo codes get free points.

Pinecone ResearchPinecone Research

Pinecone Research is most popular paid internet survey website. It might be difficult to qualify for because only particular demographics are allowed to take part. Every survey pays a minimum of $3 and takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.

You may exchange your Pinecone Research points for rewards or cash after you’ve earned enough.  Your first 300 points will instantly converted to a cheque and mailed to your home address.


iPoll, formerly Survey Head, is a new survey site that can now be accessed at Sign up and get $5 in your account right away. Through iPoll, the minimum cashout is $25 which can transfer to PayPal account.

In contrast to other survey websites, this one is extremely smartphone operate. This allows people to access and complete surveys from their mobile devices.

You may even fill them up on the train or bus on your way to or from work.


Spidermetrix is an Australia based survey site that accepts applications from all around the globe. The best time to finish a survey is 15-20 minutes, which will help you earn points.

This is another service that allows you to redeem points, however you will most likely earn them by completing online feedback surveys.

The most specific advantages of Spidermetrix are that part of its prizes are earn based on merit certificates and you may give your points to charity as well.


SurveyClub is certainly one of the best survey sites online, with so many possibilities to earn. In 2005, the company was founded.

SurveyClub is customer research hiring company that has a long history of connecting people with paid survey and study opportunities. It is completely free to sign up. Select whether you’d like to receive opportunity updates via email or text message.

When it’s appropriate, you’ll be notified about local possibilities.

Google Opinion RewardsGoogle Opinion Rewards 1

Google also conducts paid surveys through Google Opinion Rewards.   

The money per survey is little, and it usually takes less than 20 seconds to complete. There are no advertisements, and all of the questions are multiple choice. Google Opinion Rewards is a free app that you can download from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

If your phone’s notifications are turned on, the app will notify you whenever a new survey is released, and you have to complete it in next 24 hours.

Harris Poll OnlineHarris Poll Online

For more than 40 years, governments and charity organizations are depended on Harris Poll to improve their services and policies. Harris poll has roughly seven different reward programs that help you increase your profits.

It takes a bit longer to get start with Harris Poll Online than with some other paid survey sites, but the easy-to-use design makes it worthwhile.


LifePoints claims to have a community of over 5 million of people including over 70 different countries who offer their thoughts on products and services.

It is simple to register on the site, and you may become a member just by doing so. You may earn $3-5 per hour by taking surveys on LifePoints. Your life points can be redeemed at a 1:5 conversion rate.

You can easily complete a single survey in about 30 minutes.

Branded SurveysBranded Surveys

Branded Surveys is popular for offering a large variety of related surveys. So far, they’ve distributed nearly $18 million in incentives to their community.

You’ll get 100 points simply for signing up, and you’ll get another 10-50 points for each fast survey you complete.

The more you can complete, the more money you may make.   You also earn points on introducing friends and get a share of their earnings.

Ipsos I-Say PanelIpsos I-Say Panel

I-Say by Ipsos, one of the most popular online survey sites, allows you to earn points that you can redeem for Amazon gift cards, PayPal, cash, or items.

The firm conducts authentic surveys on a variety of topics, from famous companies to entertainment. You will receive 25 points after completing 5 surveys. You will receive 300 points after completing 100 surveys.

The surveys themselves, on the other hand, do not give maximum payment rates.

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