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Top 13 Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangladesh [2024 Update List]

Are you a startup and looking for the best digital marketing companies in Bangladesh? You can rely on us to help you connect with the top digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh.  Over the last two decades, the world has seen massive growth in the sphere of digital marketing. Irrespective of the field, the market plays a pivotal role in helping the business grow faster and increase its reach of no. of people with less effort and greater results. 

Digital marketing techniques and tools provide business owners with chances for competition, business growth, and survival. So, here’s the list of the “top 13 digital marketing companies in Bangladesh” including all the details that will help you to make a proper decision.  

Top Digital Marketing Agencies In Bangladesh

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangladesh

1. Backlink Express

Backlink Express is one of the best creative web development companies in Bangladesh that deals with quality not quantity and offers a wide range of custom web development services.

Their main focus is to build an outstanding functionality web that meets your needs and the audience. Backlink Express analyzes your industry and targeted audience, merges the information, and develops a web that attracts your audience and can generate more leads and sales for your product. They’re dedicated highly trained in-house builders to provide satisfactory work to global customers including small and large businesses.

It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in and the size of the business. Backlink express enhances the brand value and drives significant visitors to buy your services or product. Their highly valued website has been developing a low efficient high-quality website for a quite long time. 

Services offered by Backlink express

  • Web development
  • WordPress development
  • Article writing
  • Guest post services
  • Link building services
  • SEO
  • eCommerce design
  • Social media marketing.

Clients Reviews 

“Backlink Express works with their clients for the long term and it’s a good sign. This gives new clients perfect trust and confidence that their old clients are happy and getting results from them”.

-John Lubicky


Backlink Express being the most creative agency offers its services at an affordable price. They create campaigns with meaning and flavor. Compared to other agencies they are reasonable in their approaches and charges.

Reason to work with Backlink Express 

  • Awesome customer support 
  • Creative approach 
  • Performance-driven service
  • Guaranteed Success

2. Desire Marketing-Digital Marketing Company in Bangladesh

Desire marketing is an advanced digital marketing company in Bangladesh, Dhaka. It has many clients in Bangladesh and has been featured as the leading Digital Marketing agency in various instances. Desire marketing offers all kinds of digital marketing-related solutions for those who want to be successful in their businesses.

Desire marketing is part of backlink express with the main focus on customer satisfaction and has over 7 years of experience. We have a diverse team of web development & marketing and provide services including Technical SEO, link building, guest posting, niche editing, diversity link building, Saas Link Building, youtube marketing, web development, and Facebook ads. The best thing is you can get our services at an affordable price. Also, our team is highly skilled and experienced and focuses on delivering search engine-friendly work to the client.

Services offered by Desire marketing

  • Advertising
  • Web design
  • Ads production
  • Market analysis

Company Philosophy

  • Strategies value
  • Brand value 
  • Design value

3. Classical IT

Classical IT is a digital marketing company that delivers marketing strategies and tactics to companies worldwide. Works with great clients and continues software development. classic IT is a full-service independent advertising agency that specialized in new digital/media in  Bangladesh. Classical IT company has a team of 20+ people who serve and work with clients from different countries all around the world.

Classical IT’s intention is to be the expert in marketing and sales alignment and master of messages. They provide services like SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, paid ads, web development, and much more. They help their clients to create a meaningful relationship with their audience and believe in delivering consistently successful, unique, and forward-thinking digital marketing solutions that take into account the individual requirements and demands of each client.

Services offered by Classical IT

  • SEO
  • Social media marketing 
  • Digital content 
  • Web development


  • Hubspot academy inbound certified
  • Hubspot Academy content marketing certified
  • Facebook blueprint

4. BizCope

Bizcope serves online marketing campaigns across the key areas of search engine marketing, advertising, and affiliate marketing that help companies grow their revenue. Bizcope started taking steps in 2010 under the name of outsourcing BD and began with a focus on small online businesses. After 3 successful business years, they rebranded to Bizcope and evolved into a large online marketing firm.

Bizcope now provides various internet marketing services for small-medium size businesses like digital marketing, SEO, web design, social media content creation, and graphic design to enterprise brands all around the world with a great rate of success.

Their team consists of 30+ members and provides a complete digital marketing solution for all sorts of businesses. Bizcope provides a tailored SEO package to rank better in SERP. They’re the kind of people who eat, drink and play with SEO and development.

Services offered by Bizcope

  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web design & development

Reason to work with them

  • No long contracts
  • Exclusivity 

5. WebAble Digital

WebAble Digital is a specialized company in impact-driven marketing communications and technology solutions and also works with government agencies.WebAble Digital helps clients solve business problems by fusing creativity, strategy, innovation, and craft.

WebAble is a digital marketing company in Singapore and Bangladesh in online business, advertising, branding, social media, web design, content, and SEO. This company helps non-profits brands to engage with their audience at the right time, in the right place, and in the right context by using scroll-stopping creatives and actionable analytics. The top global brands in web table digital portfolios are Bata, Alibaba Group, Reckitt Benckiser, GSK, Dell, ASUS, and many more.

WebAble Digital has served clients in Australia, the UK, Canada, Bangladesh, and many others. Their management team has 72 years of experience in advertising and marketing in the Southeast Asia region and Asia pacific.

WebAble Digital clients

  • Mahindra 
  • Sonali’s
  • Excel Technologies ltd

Magnito Digital is smart working and one of the biggest marketing companies with a team of more than 70+ people. They are famous for their unconventional company culture. Magnito delivers its services at an unparalleled scale because of its massive setups and experience. They have worked with the largest clients in Bangladesh and built leading brands in the digital world.

Magnito digital limited solves problems by combining its creative strategies with data, technology, and content. Magneto’s digital limited key strength is developing meaningful high-quality content to engage with the right audience. 

Magneto provides services like web social, design, campaigns, and strategy SEO and has become the specialized go-to agency with its proven track record.


Magneto digital limited has won gold to become the campaign Asia pacific. Digital marketing agency of the year 2015,2017 in the ‘rest of south Asia’ category And silver in 2016.

7. Boomerang Digital

Boomerang digital is a strong in-house team of marketing, technology, and creativity that combines their talent to provide a unique marketing solution that gives unexpected growth to the business. They help your business gain online visibility with their expert marketing & reputation management services.

Boomerang Digital has its web design team in the US and is a full-service digital marketing company that delivers reputation and social media marketing services. Their marketing creative strategies create relevance for your business and put our business on the map. Their creative talents and expertise will take your marketing efforts to the next level both online and offline.


  • Digital marketing videos & photos
  • Web mobile app development 

8. WebPers

Webpers is a 360-degree leading digital marketing service provider in Bangladesh. Webpers was established in 2010 to impact today’s business. They strive to make more reliable and easier technology for the clients. Webpers is a result-oriented digital & creative agency that wants to help your business by providing effective & innovative integrated web and digital marketing solutions which will help them realize their true potential.

Webpers is currently operating in different countries around the globe and developing foreign marketing tactics and strategies. Webpers is currently working as an outsource partner in foreign marketing to grow the bond between clients and Webpers and be trustworthy.

Webpers’ mission gives your business a different power of the digital platform to release its full potential. Webpers includes service domain registration, social media marketing, online advertising, web development, and mobile application.

Services offered by Webpers 

  • Web development
  • Social media marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Domain registration & hosting
  • SEO
  • Mobile application development


  • bKash 
  • Singer Bangladesh
  • Citycell
  • Channel 9

9. Optimistic Digital

Optimistic Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Dhaka Bangladesh focused on building UI/UX design and software development and they specialize in website design, digital marketing, mobile, creative campaigns, and system app development. Optimistic digital clients range from renowned campaigns to innovative startups.

The agency is the concern of one of every green IT firm N.I.Biz soft, which has won dozens of industry awards. And have recurring features in major organizations such as the US Aid and the Bangladesh government. Optimistic digital has the vision to become the industry leader in the digital landscape.

Services offered by Optimistic

  • Product development
  • Research
  • UI/UX design
  • Start smart

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10. Roopokar

Roopokar is a full-service independent technical agency specializing in new media/digital media based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and has started website design in mind but with time canvas widened the full-service software development agency now known as the best designing company in Bangladesh. This company has been serving since 2009 and is on a mission to increase brand marketing value, bang and out-innovate the competition and launch new products.

Roopokar has brought technology and strategy design to help businesses thrive in rapidly changing markets and research the true value of the brand and find transformative ideas to seduce the heart of consumers. 

In these 6 busy years, they have served 200 clients on 300 projects successfully and believe in real-time innovation, quantifiable results, and lasting impressions. They provide services like digital strategies, social media strategies, content strategies, consumer profiling, brand strategies, and much more.

Services offered by Roopokar

  • Software development
  • IT solution
  • Facebook application development
  • Brochure design


  • Mobil
  • East West industry
  • Crown Cement
  • Ford

11. Melonades

As is clear by the name, Melonades Melon, and lemonades which indicates making or creating something fresh and unique. They aim to work differently and feel enjoyable every time you see them. That drives Melonades forward direction and is passionate about delivering effective, distinctive, and friendly service with excellence. They better know how to achieve the perfect mixture of creativity, strategies, and technology to achieve value for your brand.

Melonades is a team of strong thinkers and is never afraid to compete and push all the boundaries to deliver to their clients. They started their journey back in 2010. With more than 5 years of digital experience and growing up in the market with knowledge of the digital industry, Melonades is capable of promoting your brand on Facebook, Google, and other local and international sites. Melonades is the first agency to become a google partner in the country.

Services offered by Melonades

  • Integrated Campaign
  • Branding & print design
  • Performance & media
  • Data Analytics


  • Anwars
  • Aprilia
  • Boro Plus
  • Clemon

12. Analyzen 

Analyzen is a dream that started as a software development company in the university in 2008 by two graduate students Saha and Ridwan Hafiz from engineering & computer science. Now has turned into a successful digital marketing agency capable of creating digital & creative support for all local and international organizations. Sumit Saha has been the technology expert of the company since its inception to drive innovations and the hardness power of technology to solve real consumer problems. 

On the other hand, Ridwan Hafiz has always been the creative expertise of the company and wants to explore this potential opportunity and envision the growing digital marketing company of the country. When Risalat Siddique joined as a CO-investor for the company in 2014 then the company was converted into a limited company in early 2015.

Analyzen has been able to become the first-ever digital marketing agency in Bangladesh to go global with the establishment of Analyzen Myanmar LTD.

Services offered by Analyzen

  • Cross-media content development
  • Web experience
  • Digital buying
  • Community management


  • Pond’s
  • Lux
  • Taaza
  • KFC

13. OnZ Solutions 

OnZ Solutions is a full-fledged digital marketing company. They deliver fully integrated digital media solutions to brands and clients. OnZ Solutions take pleasure in what we do and are inspired by their client’s success in their work.

OnZ Solutions build brand awareness and engage consumers in expanding businesses. They transform relationships between brands and consumers by making unique simple solutions for this multiform world to increase brand awareness and bring people & brands together.

OnZ Solutions understand the online environment and can predict how consumers behave to ensure that the brands we worked with, and build powerful relationships with their consumers. Everything created by OnZ Solutions is subjected to a concentrated focus on effectiveness and measurability. They are thinkers, illustrators, makers, copywriters, designers, and above all, communications.

The main focus of digital marketing is to reach out to a maximum number of consumers and all the above companies will explore the untapped market. These companies give you the platform to add credibility to your service & product and strengthen your marketing visibility. 


  • Social media marketing 
  • Web Template 
  • Display branding 
  • Logo design


  • Yamaha
  • RFL Plastics
  • Braver drinks


So, we have make list of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangladesh what kind of services they provide, who they have served so far.

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