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Top 10 Best Ecommerce Websites in Bangladesh [2024 Update]

Almost everyone can access the internet today in Bangladesh. It led to a sudden increase in the number of online shoppers in Bangladesh (over 20 lakh). As a result, we have seen hundreds of new eCommerce giants getting into the market.

In this article, we will cover the top 10 Best Ecommerce websites in Bangladesh that lets you shop for your favorite items from the comfort of your home. These websites will give you a clear idea of where to shop for a specific product.

Some of these eCommerce websites are general while some deal in specific categories. That is why it is crucial to understand when to use a general website and a category-based website in Bangladesh.

Ecommerce Websites in Bangladesh

How to Find the Best eCommerce Website in Bangladesh

Before you check out our list of top eCommerce websites in Bangladesh, it is important to understand how to know where to shop for which product. This guide will help you understand the complete process of choosing the website for your desired product.

Factor 1- Pricing

You will find the same product for different prices in different eCommerce stores. It is because every website charges different commissions to the sellers and thus the price varies on every platform. The easiest solution is to check the product price on a couple of websites before making the purchase.

Factor 2- Product Authenticity

You do not want to end up with a fake product. That is why buying from websites dealing in that specific category increases the chance of you getting an authentic product. We have included some websites that are the official distributors of some leading brands in Bangladesh.

Factor 3- Delivery Time

If two websites are selling the same product for the exact price, you should check which one of the websites will deliver the product in a short time. This will help you reduce the waiting time to finally get your product delivered.

Factor 4- Product Reviews

You should never ignore customer reviews on the product listing. It will help you learn from the experience of past buyers about the quality of the product. Another hack here is to check the online reviews of the platform to make sure they are not posting fake reviews on their products.

Note- There are some cases when a website that is more likely to deliver an authentic product is asking for some extra days to deliver it. In such cases, you should always wait for authentic products instead of buying from a website that is selling fake products with fast shipping.

Best eCommerce Websites in Bangladesh 2024

WebsiteFounded inBest forUser Base (Estimated)Popularity (out of 10)
Daraz2015Complete Online Shopping7 Million10
Pickaboo2016Electronic Devices5 Million9
Chaldal2013Grocery3 Million9
Shajgoj2013Fashion2.5 Million8
Othoba2015Complete Online Shopping3 Million8
Ajkerdeal2011Daily Items4 Million8
Rokomari2012Books3 Million9
Foodpanda2012Food Items5 Million9
BanglaShoppers2013Perfumes3 Million8
Priyoshop2020Retail Shopping1 Million8

1. Daraz (Complete Shopping Solution)

Daraz Bangladesh

Daraz is undoubtedly one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in Bangladesh. Since 2015, this platform is a one-stop solution for all shopping needs for people here in Bangladesh. The reason behind its success is the fast delivery coupled with an authentic line of products.

An interesting thing about Daraz is it was acquired by Alibaba group in 2018. Since then, the platform has had enough resources to scale and is now the biggest eCommerce platform in Bangladesh.

Like Amazon, Daraz offers products in almost every category. You can find women’s fashion, health & beauty, electronics, furniture, and home decor products here.

Some Reasons to Shop From Daraz Bangladesh

  • You can find some authentic products on this website
  • The delivery is quick and usually takes 3-5 days to deliver
  • Most affordable products in Bangladesh

2. Pickaboo (Electronic Devices)


If you are looking for electronic devices, Pickaboo is the ultimate solution for you. Most of the orders placed on this eCommerce website are for smartphones. They are offering the latest smartphones at heavy discounts due to partnerships with leading credit card companies in Bangladesh.

You can also find electronic appliances like Air conditioners, televisions, and Refrigerators on this website.

You can trust Pickaboo for authentic products and a safe payment gateway.

Some Reasons to Shop From Pickaboo

  • Easy returns on most products
  • Easy EMI options for up to 36 months with or without credit cards
  • Same-day delivery in Dhaka on most products

3. Chaldal (Grocery)


Chaldal is a Bengali word that is closely related to the word “grocery”. This eCommerce platform was founded in 2013 and has a user base of around 3 million people. The great thing about Chaldal is you can meet all your groceries needs here. Customers can find all types of grocery items, kitchen items, and other baby products on the website.

In a broad way, the website is for day-to-day items that you need on a regular basis. They also offer fast shipping services to ensure you receive your groceries on time.

Some Reasons to Shop From Chaldal

  • Offer some amazing discounts to first-time users
  • Fast delivery in main cities of Bangladesh (same-day delivery for Dhaka)
  • Get discounts on bulk purchases online

4. Shajgoj (Lifestyle)


Shajgoj offers its customers the comfort to buy fashion and beauty items from their homes. It is the leading eCommerce website in the fashion industry. Founded in 2013, the website has now reached 2.5 million visits per month.

Here, you can find lifestyle, fashion, skincare, and other makeup products at affordable prices. They have a separate audience and are doing a perfect job of providing the best products to them. Shahjog currently has more than 20,000 products on its website in different categories.

Some Reasons to Shop From Shajgoj

  • More than 500 beauty and fashion brands are available
  • 20,000 plus products listed on the website
  • Dedicated blog where you can find beauty and lifestyle articles

5. Othoba (Complete Shopping Option)


Here’s another complete shopping solution for Bangladesh- Othoda. It was founded in 2015 as a measure to offer all the products online on a single platform. The website had to compete with giants like Daraz and was well aware of the challenges. Still, it did a great job to create a separate user base for itself.

The interesting thing is they even shifted some customers from Daraz on their platform by offering competitive prices. The website became famous in rural areas of Bangladesh and successfully created a separate space in the online shopping world of Bangladesh.

Some Reasons to Shop From Othoba

  • Most affordable pricing on almost every product
  • Fast shipping services (covers most parts of Bangladesh)
  • 7-day return policy on 90% of the items

6. Ajkerdeal (Fashion)


Ajkerdeal is an online eCommerce platform where you can find almost all products for your daily needs. However, the primary focus on the website is fashion and people usually keep it limited to this category as well. The good thing is you can find some non-branded (or small brands) fashion items as well.

It means you can find affordable products that provide value for your money. The website was founded in 2011 and is one of the first few online eCommerce websites in Bangladesh.

Some Reasons to Shop From Ajkerdeal

  • Offers affordable fashion options
  • Easy shipping services that cover most areas of Bangladesh
  • The default website design is in Bengali so everyone to understand the product details better

7. Rokomari (Books)


There is a different world of people who love to read books. Rokomari understands the market and serves them with a wide collection of books to purchase online. There’s hardly any book that you won’t find on this platform- no matter what category you are interested in.

It was founded in 2012 and is growing rapidly since then. Most of the users trust this website due to its unique packaging specifically for books. You can also find some computer accessories, DVDs, and similar products on the platform these days.

Some Reasons to Shop From Rokomari

  • Offers a complete collection of famous books in Bangladesh
  • Carefully wrapped books so that you receive them in the best possible condition
  • PDF preview to help you decide whether you want to buy the book or not

8. FoodPanda (Ready-to-eat food)


Almost everyone is aware of this platform. Foodpanda offers ready-to-eat food items and groceries with door-to-door delivery within a few minutes. Its application is more popular than the website as people often use it to order food on a daily basis.

Foodpanda was also established in 2013 in Bangladesh with the aim to serve ready-to-eat food to Bangladesh’s citizens. The great thing is you can find some really amazing offers on groceries even in small quantities.

Some Reasons to Shop From Foodpanda

  • Quick delivery service (within an hour, delivery within 30 minutes in Dhaka)
  • Available in every part of Bangladesh with a quick delivery option
  • Trusted platform working for the last 10 years in the country

9. BanglaShoppers (Beauty Products)


BanglaShoppers is another famous eCommerce website in Bangladesh, However, the website is owned by its parent company in Canada. The website is famous because it is the official distributor of some leading perfume brands in Bangladesh. Due to the popularity of its parent company, BanglaShoppers witnessed some early growth as shoppers were more comfortable trusting this brand.

It was founded in 2013 and is receiving heavy traffic on its website. The interesting thing is that Shajgog has surpassed the sales of the Shajgoj website in the makeup category.

Some Reasons to Shop From BanglaShoppers

  • Trusted website with fast delivery
  • Authentic products shipped directly by leading brands
  • Wide range of products in all the available categories

10. Priyoshop (Retail Items)


Here’s a retail online brand that sells products from all the leading brands in Bangladesh. If you are someone who likes to shop online but fails to find retail items on a single platform, Priyoshop is the right choice for you. Here, you can find all the products at the same price (as offline) and still get some discounts on them.

The shipping charges are reasonable and you can even get free delivery on your bulk purchases. It was founded in 2015 and has been growing rapidly for the last few years.

Some Reasons to Shop From Priyoshop

  • Offers retail products from every leading brand in Bangladesh
  • Reasonable shipping services (2-day delivery)
  • Offers some convenient ways to pay for your order


There are so many reasons to buy daily products online in Bangladesh. Even if you take out the convenience factor, you still get some discounts from these websites. So, you can check out the list of Best Ecommerce Website in Bangladesh, that we shared in this article and order all your products from the comfort of your home.

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