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10 Best Website Design and Development Company in Bangladesh [2023 Update]

Have you ever found yourself lost when trying to find a reliable web developer in Bangladesh? It’s so common these days. With the sudden increase in the number of web designers, finding the right agency is getting more and more challenging. In this article, we will share with you the best web design company in Bangladesh that will help you with website design and development for any business. 

After going through the list, you will find the best web development company in Bangladesh for your project. All you need is to check out the relevant details of these agencies and find out if they are the right web design Bangladesh agency for you.

The best part is you do not need to worry about the company’s credibility as we used various factors to rank them. 

Key Points we Considered While Ranking the Web Development Agencies in Bangladesh

Choosing a web design company in Bangladesh can be a challenging task, but there are a few things to keep in mind that make the process much easier:

1. Company Size

The size of the company you choose always has a direct impact on the level of service and attention you receive. However, both types of agencies have their pros and cons. For example, a small size agency offers you more attention and they have their focus on a limited number of clients but with limited resources. On the other hand, big agencies with enough resources can take care of all your projects but may not give you the priority support you can expect from a small agency.

2. Location

The geographic location of your web development partner is important for several reasons. If you are a Bangladesh-based business, you would want to work with a web design company in Bangladesh as you can sort out all the issues much faster. You won’t have to worry about the timezone and you will have the option to conduct face-to-face meetings with them. 

3. Types of Services Offered

You may be looking for a web development agency but the truth is you will come across many digital marketing agencies who offer a bunch of other services as well. Now, it’s up to you whether you want an agency limited to web development or if you want to work with an agency that offers you every marketing solution you need.

4. Pricing

The most expensive option does not need to be the best one (and vice-versa). That is why you must keep your budget in mind and find the agency that offers the right services with that budget. Usually, a small agency will offer you more affordable service than the big players in the industry. 

5. Past Records

You should always track the past performance of an agency before hiring them for your project. You can check how many years they have spent in the industry or how many projects they deliver to date.

Note: You will find a table below with all the information you need about Dhaka Bangladesh’s top 10 web design and development companies. 

web design company in Bangladesh

Top Web Design Agency in Bangladesh

AgencyExpertiseYears in BusinessProjects DeliveredOur Ratings
Desire MarketingSEO, Web Development10+500+10
Alpha NetIT Solutions20+6500+9
My Soft ITWeb Development11+900+9
VizerXMarketing AgencyUnknown5000+9
BizcopeDigital Marketing11+3008
Trends BirdSoftware Development10+250+8
Coders CrownWebsite Designing5+150+8
Zovo Team LTD.Digital Marketing3+Unknown8
SJ Innovation LLCDigital MarketingUnknownUnknown7
ZeroPoint ComputingDigital Marketing10+407

Source- Techbehemoths

1. Desire Marketing

Desire marketing is one of the most reliable web development companies in Bangladesh. The web agency is backed by 10+ years of experience and works with a team of professional web designers. Desire Marketing holds the first rank in our list because it is a one-for-all agency that has everything a person needs in this industry.

First, you get a team of experienced web developers who understands your requirements. Second, they offer reasonable services that fall in almost every small business’s budget. 

Third, they conduct multi-level quality checks before your website goes live. That is why we believe that this web development company based in Dhaka is the perfect choice for Bangladeshi businesses to take their business online. 

Services by Desire Marketing

  • Advertising
  • Web design
  • Ads production
  • Marketing analysis


  • Instasize
  • Setapp
  • SEO Blog

2. Alpha Net

Alpha Net

Alpha Net is a multinational web design company in Bangladesh and the United States. It holds more than 20 years of experience in the field and is considered one of the most trusted web hosting solutions in Bangladesh ever since. It has an amazing client portfolio of more than 6500 clients in more than 50 countries. These numbers are enough to understand the value that this company provides to its clients.

It is a perfect choice for business owners who wants to start their digital journey with experts in the industry. 

3. My Soft IT

My Soft IT

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, My Soft IT is one of the most preferred web development companies in Bangladesh. The company features a team of highly talented individuals who offer software and web development services to startups and small businesses. 

No matter if you want eCommerce web development or a company-portfolio website, you can expect the best services from this agency. The best part of their service is you do not need to have any expertise in the web development field to work with them.

They provide the complete solution from domain registration to the final website to their clients. 

To this date, they have delivered more than 900 projects to their clients. 

4. ViserX


A web development agency that works with a budget as small as $1000. The agency features some really experienced web developers who will give you the freedom to get the website inspired by your imagination. The great thing about the agency is that it has worked with clients from over 60 countries on different projects.

Thus, it is a great addition to the list as our readers can always explore an agency with such a great portfolio. 

However, please know that the web development agency also offers SEO services and focuses on both industries. So, you will always have the luxury to add SEO services to your website with the same agency. 

Services by VISER X

  • Digital marketing services
  • Development services
  • Content development services


  • Macys
  • naaptol
  • Olx

5. Bizcope


Bizcope is a digital marketing agency that we added to our list as a complete solution for small business owners. Here, you can find web development and SEO services to get your website up and running here. However, The website has been there for more than 12 years, offering its service to national and international clients.

With a portfolio of over 300 projects, Bizscope has done a perfect job scaling from a couple of employees to more than 20 employees now. 

You can check out this agency if you are looking to get complete marketing solutions from a single platform. 

6. Trends Bird

Trends Bird

Trends Bird is a Bangladesh-based agency that believes in pure software development solutions. Here, you will only find website development, app development, and other web-based development solutions If you are someone who prefers to work with a single-line service provider, Trends Bird is the perfect solution for you.

They have 10 years of experience and work with a team of 20+ members. It means you can trust them to complete all small and big projects for you.

7. Coders Crown

Coders Crown is there for the past 6 years and it has collaborated with clients from 15+ countries in such a short period of time. The interesting thing is they already have 150+ clients to trust their web development services. It is a decent option for budget-bounded projects as you can find some really affordable service plans here.

The company currently works with around 20 professionals who are experts in SEO, SMM, and Web Development.

The great thing about Coders Crown is you can contact their 24/7 customer support to get quotes or to get your queries resolved instantly. 

8. Zovo Team LTD

Zovo Team LTD

Zovo Team LTD. is a big name in the industry that provides one-stop solutions for all your digital marketing needs. Apart from SEO experts, Social Media Managers, and Web Developers, they have marketing researchers to offer you tailored solutions for your business.

The agency was founded in 2019 and is currently working with 100+ employees worldwide. They even offer consultation services to scale your business 2-3x and increase your profits. 

We recommend this agency if you are looking for advertising services as most of their clients are returning customers for the same services. 

9. SJ Innovation LLC

SJ Innovation

SJ Innovation LLC is one name for those clients who want a big agency with enough resources to manage their projects. With around 150 employees, SJ Innovation is always there for such clients. They have an amazing portfolio of web development services that gives you a perfect platform to get your websites designed by professionals. 

The only thing that might upset a business is that they focus more on the financial services sector. That is why if your business falls in some other category, you will need to understand your requirements before closing a deal.  

10. ZeroPoint Computing

ZeroPoint Computing

ZeroPoint Computing is a famous digital marketing agency in Bangladesh that offers web design, eCommerce websites, SEO, and SMM services. Their expertise lies in onboarding offline businesses to digital platforms to offer them an honest chance to make their online presence. 

Thus, if you are a business that is looking to expand its business to digital platforms, you must give them a try. You can also talk to their customer support in case you do not know much about web development and how the agency operates. 

What Makes Web Development Companies in Bangladesh Unique?

A web development company in Bangladesh is considered unique when it offers the following to its clients:

  • Tailored solutions by understanding the client’s requirements
  • Offering its services at a reasonable price
  • Works with a team of professionals to meet the client’s expectations
  • Create a website project where every team member is well aware of his/her responsibilities

Apart from these points, a web development company in Bangladesh is a better fit for our audience because these companies better understand the targeted audience due to geographical factors.

What Do Bangladesh Web Design Agencies Do?

Bangladeshi Web Design Agencies collaborate with clients to understand their requirements and deliver a website that helps them achieve their goals. For example, if a company wants to keep its customers updated with the latest products, it would expect the web development agency to create a website where it can give regular updates.

Similarly, if an offline business wants to start selling products online, a Bangladesh website design company will create an eCommerce store where the business can reach and sell to its audience digitally. 

Why Hire a Web Design Company in Bangladesh?

Hiring a web design company in Bangladesh is the right decision for a Bangladesh-based business. It is because they can offer tailored solutions according to their requirements. An agency located in Dhaka Bangladesh will give you the freedom to conduct offline meetings and you can also expect them to understand your audience better than international agencies. 

Another main reason is the affordable web design services offered by agencies based in Bangladesh. It is a great opportunity for even those outside Bangladesh as the cost of getting a website is much lower in Bangladesh. 

What is the Purpose of Website Design & Development for Companies or Startups?

Every business comes with a different set of challenges and they adopt different strategies to deal with them. Getting a website is a common way that can solve most of the issues faced by companies or startups. 

Here are some of the purposes of website design and development for startups:

  1. It helps them reach out to a whole new audience digitally
  2. It improves the sales funnel of a company by offering new selling channels
  3. It helps in keeping the customers updated about the new products or the offers offered by the company

It is important to know that the purpose is not always to sell. Sometimes, a business can create a website just for informative purposes.

Common Challenges in Web Design Industry in Bangladesh

Like every other industry, web design also has its set of challenges. Some of them are:

Finding the Right Agency

Clients can face challenges in finding the right agency for their projects. It is because every agency specializes in a different field and one must have the right set of skills to deliver a project successfully.

What Can You Expect From Agencies to Design a Website in Bangladesh?

The good thing is most web design agencies in Bangladesh have a successful record of delivering web design projects. That is why you can always expect Bangladeshi web design agencies to offer you great services at an affordable price. 

What is the Process of Web Design in Bangladesh?

The agencies in Bangladesh usually follow these steps in website designing for clients:

  1. Understand the Client’s Requirements- They collaborate with the clients to understand their requirements and try to find out the exact reason why they are creating a website for their business.
  2. Discuss Details- After this, the agency discusses what type of web hosting the client requires and discusses all other information related to future collaboration.
  3. Deliver a Demo- The agency works on the website according to the requirements and submits the website for review. The client then suggests the change before the final delivery.
  4. Final Delivery- In this step, the agency delivers the project and handover the website to the client.

How Much Do Web Design Companies in Bangladesh Charge?

The service charges of an agency depend on what level of expertise they have. However, the minimum service charge for a website is around $100 which can go up to $10,000 as well. 

To find the exact cost, we must consider what type of website the client is looking for. For example, a company blog will cost much less than an eCommerce store with thousands of products. 

10 Questions To Ask A Web Design Company In Bangladesh

Here are a few questions you can ask the agency to make a better deal with them.

What is your pricing model? Do you Change the Service Charges Frequently?

Some agencies will offer you a lower price just to get you onboard. After that, they increase the service charges and leave you with no other option but to continue with the new price. That’s why it’s crucial to ask this question beforehand and sign an agreement for a period of time with the same pricing. 

Will you Manage Web Hosting?

Some agencies offer yearly subscriptions to manage your web hosting while some of them end the project after creating your website. Thus, asking this question beforehand will help you avoid potential disputes with the agency.

What Type of Clients Do You Have?

It is important to know what type of clients an agency usually serves. There are agencies who specialize in eCommerce stores and have all their focus on the same. That is why it is always a wise decision to ask this question beforehand.

What’s Your Process and How Will You Meet Our Goals?

By asking this question, you will understand whether the agency has a proper plan for your goals or not.

How Much Time Will it Take to Complete the project?

No one wants to delay the launch of their website. That is why always ask them to deliver the project at least 1 week before your launch.

Will You Share the Website Editing Access With Me?

You must have a clear understanding of whether the agency will keep the admin rights or will they share them with you. Of course, a web agency will charge you a maintenance fee if you ask them to keep this process to themselves.

Will you sign a Non Disclosure Agreement?

If you do not others to get your sensitive information, you must have a non-disclosure agreement with the agency.

What Communication Channel Do You Use?

It helps you avoid the miscommunication that may be caused by not having a proper communication channel.

Do You Offer Discounts for Returning Buyers?

If you are someone who regularly needs web development services, you may as well get a discount on them.

What Happens if You Decide to Stop Your Services?

Ask this question to find out how they will end the project if they ever decide to stop offering web development services for some reason. 


Businesses are understanding the value of having a website and they are rapidly switching their business to digital platforms. That’s why it is more crucial than ever to work with a web design company in Bangladesh that actually delivers. We ranked the top 10 website development companies in Bangladesh based on various factors.

Once you choose an agency from this list, refer to the 10 questions we shared with you to find out if they can help you with the project or not. If you face any issues in finding the right web design company in Bangladesh, you can always check out their reviews for more help.

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