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What are Buyer Intent Keywords and Their Benefits

Buyer intent keywords are search queries that contain language demonstrating that the person searching is in an active purchasing mindset. They indicate a readiness and intent to buy something related to that keyword search.

Buyer intent keywords are the unicorn of digital marketing – they help you get your offers in front of prospects when they are actively looking to make a purchase in your niche. Understanding these terms provides the intelligence needed to drive highly qualified traffic that converts.

What are Buyer Intent Keywords?

buyer intent keywords

Buyer intent keywords are search queries containing language that demonstrates a readiness to buy. For example, “where to buy Copper Fit knee brace” signals commercial intent versus just informational research around knee braces.

These special keywords set themselves apart by clearly indicating that searchers aren’t just passively browsing, but actively evaluating options on making a transaction related to your offers. Identifying these terms allows targeting both cold and hot traffic simultaneously.

Benefits of Using Buyer Intent Keywords

Benefits of buyer intent keyword

Optimizing your digital marketing efforts around buyer intent keywords provides tremendous value across a number of key areas including increased conversions, improved marketing ROI, higher lead quality, and more relevant targeting.

Increased Conversion Rates

The primary benefit of leveraging buyer intent keywords is substantially higher conversion rates. 

When you target keywords that clearly demonstrate commercial intent or readiness to purchase, you put your offers in front of the hottest traffic – searchers who have signaled they want to buy in your niche.

Getting your business before these willing and eager purchasers translates directly into lifted sales and lead gen numbers. The further down the funnel the customers are, the more primed for conversion they become. You effectively shorten the runway to purchase.

Improved Marketing ROI

Another major upside of intense focus on buyer intent within paid and organic campaigns is realizing a greater return on your marketing dollars. The targeting precision increases efficiency significantly.

As conversions ramp up from connecting with warm, purchase-ready visitors, your cost per acquisition and sale goes down. When you factor in the lifetime value of converted customers, dedicating a budget to rank for the exact phrases potential buyers use demonstrates much wiser spend.

Higher Quality Leads

Not all website traffic and leads are created equal when it comes to actual revenue potential. By sculpting your efforts around keywords showing commercial intent, you bring in visitors who are more likely to convert and who ultimately provide higher customer LTVs.

In a way, Google hands you qualified leads on a silver platter – you simply need to focus on attracting and capturing that demand. These visitors self-identify through actual search queries, no guessing required on your part. Targeting this demand produces better results.

More Relevant Targeting

Optimizing for buyer keywords also makes all your targeting across channels more relevant and precisely aligned to searcher intent. Your landing pages, display ads, social media marketing, and broader content strategy all become focused on matching explicit intent shown in keywords.

Instead of taking a spray and pray approach, you can create highly tailored messaging and experiences. This relevance lifts engagement metrics like click through rate and time on site. When you demonstrate truly addressing searcher needs, performance lifts across the board.

The Four Types of Buyer Intent Keywords

The Four Types of Buyer Intent Keywords

There are four core categories of buyer intent keywords that provide signals into user intent at different stages of the buyer’s journey:

1. Informational Keywords

Informational keywords appear during the initial research phase when prospects are looking to learn more about a product or service. Queries like “knee brace types compared” and “Copper Fit pro reviews” demonstrate someone educating themselves on the topic.

Targeting informational keywords allows you to attract cold traffic and guide them into your funnel by answering their questions around knee braces. You position your brand as an authority providing comprehensive educational content.

As searchers become more familiar with the category, they progress to more comparison-oriented keywords.

2. Navigational Keywords

Navigational buyer keywords contain specific brand names that users have identified as offering potential solutions. Some examples are “Copper Fit website” and “where to buy Copper Fit products”.

These keywords present a great opportunity to promote your brand pages and offerings to visitors actively seeking you out. Ensuring positive page speed and on-site experience is key for capitalizing on this existing brand interest.

Provide easy access to product listings, pricing, and purchase options catered to these warm leads.

3. Commercial Keywords

At this point, prospects start evaluating deals and discounts around particular products such as “Copper Fit knee sleeve deals” and “coupon codes for Copper Fit”.

The introduction of comparison and savings related terms signals rising intent and willingness to purchase. Guide these price-conscious visitors to special promotions and even product alternatives that better match their needs.

Providing options demonstrates your consultative approach while keeping conversion opportunities open.

4. Transactional Keywords

The final category with very urgent intent are transactional keywords like “purchase Copper Fit now” and “get Copper Fit today”.

These terms indicate the prospect knows exactly what they want and are ready to seal the deal immediately. Your goal becomes removing any obstacles to checkout and making the buying process seamless.

Prioritizing security, trust signals, and clear calls to action gives visitors the confidence to complete conversions after making their decisive keyword search queries.

Recognizing these distinct types of buyer keywords allows you to match website experiences to align with visitor intent at every funnel stage for greater conversion lift.

Finding Buyer Intent Keywords

Finding Buyer Intent Keywords

Identifying the very best buyer intent keywords to drive qualified traffic and conversions for your business requires comprehensive discovery work across multiple fronts. Here are the most effective approaches:

Keyword Research Tools

Leverage modern keyword research software like Ahrefs, Semrush and Google Keyword Planner to surface large volumes of potential high-converting keywords related to your niche. 

These powerful tools tap into massive search query data sets from sources like Google and YouTube.

They provide crucial search volume metrics – showing the approximate average monthly searches for given keywords globally and locally. Identify terms with sufficient volume to warrant prioritization.

The tools also surface historical trends on search volumes over time. This allows you to capitalize on rising queries and seasonality-based peaks.

Evaluate metrics like competing paid ad difficulty scores to estimate the level of effort required for first page ranking. Factor this into deciding budget allocation across keywords.

Enable expanded match types to uncover long-tail keyword variations containing your core terms. Long-tail buyer keywords represent hidden gems with lower competition but commercial intent value.

Filter explicitly for keywords demonstrating commercial intent using precise operators like Ahrefs’ “Transactional” filter. Zero in on high-potential transactional and informational keywords.

Export these targeted, vetted buyer keyword variations – hundreds of relevant, high-intent keywords to embed into your funnels. Integrate them into landing page copy, ads, and core site content for improved conversion rates.

Actively tracking performance over time shows which exact match buyer keywords truly drive valuable conversions vs. leaving opportunity on the table. Refine your keyword list accordingly.

The combination of extensive data sets and smart filtering makes modern keyword research tools invaluable for uncovering convertible buyer keyword gems.

Analytics Review

Dive into your analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Google Ads to uncover which existing terms visitors used to find your site saw the most conversions historically.

These proven keywords clearly resonate for turning searchers into buyers. Expand SEM and SEO optimization around these winning phrases.

Competitor Analysis

Studying what keyword terms rival businesses in your niche target through paid ads, landing pages, and organic content can reveal valuable buyer intent keywords already resonating with converters.

Use keyword analysis tools to uncover terms driving traffic to competitor website pages and product listings. Monitor AdWords competitors Identify their core moneymaker keywords as well as closely related long-tail varieties.

For categories with established marquee products, mirroring successful peers’ targeting around commercial search queries often pays dividends. If “canon 5d mark iv bundle deals” is working for multiple camera gear sites, it likely indicates buyer search behavior for that item.

You can extract smart takeaways from competitors’ conversion-focused keyword strategies without directly infringing on their trademarks or copying unique content. Avoid verbatim targeting of:

  • Competitor brand names
  • Competitor product names
  • Competitor taglines

Adhere to trademark law while still capitalizing on validated keyword opportunities others have proven out for buyer searches around shared product names like “Apple iPads” and generic categories like “knee braces”.

Testing and Tracking

Set up dedicated ads and landing pages optimized specifically around priority buyer keywords you uncovered from research. Send targeted paid and organic traffic sources to these pages.

Actively monitor the results – click through rate, cost per click/lead/sale, conversion rate trends over time. Refine targeting toward best performers based on hard data.

Digging for diamonds requires rolling up your sleeves across research tools, studying analytics, checking competitors, and actively testing high-potential keywords. But uncovering high-converting buyer terms pays rewards for years via qualified traffic.

200 Buyer Intent Keywords For 2024 that You Can Use to Increase Your Sales

  1. Affordable pricing
  2. Biggest sale
  3. Buy now
  4. Clearance items
  5. Compare product models
  6. Daily deals
  7. Discount offers
  8. Ecommerce coupons
  9. Exclusive seasonal sale
  10. Final call discount
  11. Flash sales today
  12. Free economy shipping
  13. Gift with purchase
  14. Hot new releases
  15. Inventory blowout
  16. Limited edition gear
  17. Low price guarantee
  18. Markdown prices
  19. Must buy now
  20. New markdowns today
  21. Online only pricing
  22. Pre-holiday sales
  23. Promo codes today
  24. Running out fast
  25. Save up to 50% off
  26. Selling fast
  27. Shop all discounts here
  28. Special 24 hour sale
  29. Summer sale prices
  30. Unadvertised offers
  31. Volume discounts
  32. Warehouse clearance
  33. Free returns guarantee
  34. Buyer’s guide
  35. Customer favorites
  36. Daily last chance deals
  37. Deals ending soon
  38. Discount extravaganza
  39. Doorbuster deal of day
  40. Easy monthly payments
  41. Everyday low pricing
  42. Exclusive VIP access
  43. Extended holiday hours
  44. Extra 10% off sales
  45. Extreme value picks
  46. First access releases
  47. Flash Friday frenzy
  48. Go on, treat yourself
  49. Join email list today
  50. Last day for sale prices
  51. Lightning offers now
  52. Love your new gear
  53. Lowest price anywhere
  54. Made just for you
  55. Massive blowout event
  56. New gear, new you
  57. Night owl deals
  58. Only hours remain
  59. Our secret steals
  60. Outlet clearance frenzy
  61. Overnight sensations
  62. Own the look discounts
  63. Pop-up shop surprises
  64. Recommended buys
  65. Stock up and save
  66. Too good to miss out
  67. Try risk-free guarantee
  68. Ultimate summer steals
  69. Unreal one-day specials
  70. Up to 85% off best of
  71. Urgency sale ending
  72. VIP cardholder deals
  73. Warehouse specials now
  74. We pay your sales tax
  75. Wish list price cuts
  76. Year-end closeout deals
  77. You deserve a treat
  78. Final hours mega deals
  79. First dibs inventory
  80. Fitness financial freedom
  81. Frequent fast discounts
  82. Future classic designs
  83. Gear to own 2024
  84. Gifts for whole family
  85. Given away practically
  86. Go-to travel companion
  87. Golf now luxury prices
  88. Goodbye old, hello new
  89. Treat yourself guilt-free
  90. Half-year highlights sale
  91. Handpicked hot deals
  92. Help wanted discounts
  93. Hidden clearance gems
  94. Holiday shopping sorted
  95. Home run offers ending
  96. Hourly doorcrashers
  97. Hundreds must go today
  98. Insanely low prices
  99. Join exclusive access
  100. Just drive away leasing
  101. Last pieces left
  102. Let our pros install
  103. Lifetime warranty
  104. Like finding free money
  105. Limited doorbuster deal
  106. Lucky penny deals
  107. Make us your store
  108. Massive sale near you
  109. Mind blowing discounts
  110. Minute long flash deals
  111. Missed delivery offers
  112. Mix n match combos
  113. Mobile steals unleashed
  114. Must exit inventory
  115. Mystery coupon revealed
  116. Necessary upgrades made easy
  117. Never seen savings
  118. New household essentials
  119. Nighttime online specials
  120. Obsessed with these
  121. Off-price deals unlocked
  122. Omg wow deals here
  123. One week flash event
  124. Online exclusives today
  125. Outrageous limited offers
  126. Overjoyed customers say
  127. Own your own business now
  128. Oxygen level luxury deals
  129. Popular patios for summer fun
  130. Post holiday price plunge
  131. Power shopper rewards await
  132. Pre-pre-holiday deals
  133. Prices cut dramatically
  134. Pro tips included free
  135. Put dreams on sale terms
  136. Rate perfect after purchase
  137. Ready for 2024 resolution
  138. Recommend us raving fans
  139. Restock your favorites now
  140. Returns extended til Feb
  141. Run here first thing deals
  142. Schools out mega sale
  143. Secret VIP night deals
  144. See site for details
  145. Share how you save hashtag
  146. Shockingly affordable devices
  147. Shop expert staff faves
  148. Shop fresh deals daily
  149. Shop influencer top picks
  150. Shop small win big sale
  151. Shop today or lose out
  152. Shops opening near you soon
  153. Sign in to see lower prices
  154. Skip no payments til Spring
  155. Slash prices instantly
  156. Slightly imperfect specials
  157. Sneak in our secret site
  158. Solutions for every budget
  159. Speed demons checkout deals
  160. Spend n save rewards pile up
  161. Staff obsessed finds
  162. Status symbol price cuts
  163. Stay healthy in stock alerts
  164. Steal their exact look less $
  165. Steals deals sent to you
  166. Stockroom uncovered deals
  167. Store hours extended deals
  168. Students save crazy here
  169. Stuff dreams made of sale
  170. Style stars copy for less
  171. Summer fun family deals
  172. Summer of a lifetime deals
  173. Super secret sales each hour
  174. Surprise bonus deal revealed
  175. SWIPE to reveal deals
  176. SWIPE up to unlock lowest price
  177. Take an extra 50% off deals
  178. Tax time relief deals here
  179. Teachers crazy low prices
  180. This or that choose fast
  181. Thousands lost pounds with this
  182. Tik tok made me buy it sale
  183. Timed limited quantity deals
  184. Tiny deals just for you
  185. Tip: buy more n save more
  186. Top customer questions
  187. Treat yourself to our treats
  188. Try before you deny guarantees
  189. Two year price freeze
  190. Unadvertised free gift may apply
  191. Unbeatable new member deals
  192. Undervalued gems on sale now
  193. Unexpected lucky cart deals
  194. Unfurnished apartments deals
  195. Ungodly good limited deals
  196. Uncover our best kept secrets
  197. Under $100 luxury gifts
  198. Unique rare items discounted
  199. Unlock resort level relaxation
  200. Unnecessarily long sale


Effectively leveraging keywords that clearly demonstrate buyer intent provides a major strategic advantage for driving qualified traffic and higher conversion rates.

Matching your website content, product pages, and messaging to align with visitor intent at various stages gives you an intelligence edge on the competition. You create more cohesive experiences that speak directly to exactly what information searchers are seeking during their research.

Continuously uncovering new buyer intent keywords allows you to expand your reach and awareness among cold traffic just entering your funnel while also capturing qualified visitors ready to convert. Balance education-based content with conversion-focused pages tailored to keywords at each stage.

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