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9 White Hat Link Building Strategies That Actually Work in 2024

Backlinks remain one of the most important ranking factors for SEO in 2024. Getting quality sites to link back to your content continues to be hugely impactful for rankings. However, many of the spammy link building tactics of the past no longer work.

In this post, we’ll explore 9 legitimate, white hat link building strategies that are proven to work in 2024. These strategies focus on creating high-quality content, developing genuine relationships, and adding value for others in your space.

What is What Hat Link Building?

White hat link building refers to the practice of acquiring backlinks to your website using ethical techniques that comply with search engine guidelines. The goal of white hat link building is to get websites with relevant content and high domain authority to link back to your pages naturally, by creating high-quality content that offers value to others. 

Unlike black hat approaches, white hat link building relies on merit, relationships and transparency rather than manipulation. When done consistently over time, it leads to sustainable growth in organic search traffic and rankings.

White Hat Vs. Black Hat Vs. Grey Hat Link Building

FeatureWhite HatBlack HatGrey Hat
DefinitionEthical link building techniques that comply with search engine guidelinesUnethical link building techniques that violate search engine guidelinesTechniques that exist in a grey area, potentially violating some guidelines while seemingly acceptable
ExamplesGuest blogging, broken link building, creating high-quality content, influencer outreachLink buying, link exchanges, private blog networks, keyword stuffingGuest blogging with low-quality websites, automated outreach, hidden links
GoalsBuild genuine brand authority and organic trafficAchieve quick ranking boosts through manipulationAchieve ranking improvements while skirting the rules
RisksNone, safe for long-term SEOPenalties from search engines, website deindexingPotential penalties, negative impact on reputation
SustainabilitySustainable and long-term strategyUnsustainable, rankings can be lost quickly if penalizedPotential long-term issues if techniques become obsolete or penalized
TransparencyOpen and transparent in link acquisitionUses deceptive and manipulative tacticsOperates in a grey area, potentially hiding techniques
Alignment with Google Webmaster GuidelinesFully compliantViolates at least some guidelinesMay violate some guidelines depending on specific techniques
A comparing table

9 White Hat Link Building Strategies

Here we have compiled the best 9 white hat link building techniques that can use to elevate your link profile:

Strategy 1: Craft Link-Worthy Assets

Forget fluffy blog posts! To become a link magnet, you need content that wows. Think comprehensive guides bursting with actionable insights, data-driven studies packed with original research, or interactive tools that solve users’ problems like magic. 

Remember, content that educates, entertains, or empowers naturally attracts links.

Some proven content formats that tend to attract links include:

  • Ultimate Guides: Create expansive resources on specific topics, with organized sections and blue links for easy skimming.
  • Original Research: Conduct surveys, studies or experiments that reveal new data or insights. Infographics help summarize key points.
  • Product Reviews: Offer in-depth, objective reviews of popular tools that help users make decisions. Pros/cons lists and comparison tables are useful.
  • Lists & Roundups: Curate and analyze the best apps, books, courses etc. in your niche. Links to featured items is expected.
  • Interviews: Profile industry leaders, asking thoughtful questions your audience cares about. Transcripts make great fodder for links.
  • Quizzes & Assessments: Help users learn about themselves with engaging quizzes and evaluations. Linking to different result types is very common.

No matter what format you choose, ensure your content is well-researched, expertly crafted, and optimized for both search engines as well as for your audience. 

Distribute your content actively via social media and consider pitching guest posts that link back to your assets as well. 

By consistently publishing linkbait that users want to share, you’ll secure the backlinks you seek organically over time.

Strategy 2: Guest Blogging Mastery

Guest blogging isn’t dead, it’s evolved! Forget spammy tactics. Instead, focus on building genuine relationships with relevant website owners. Research their audience, pitch topics that solve their readers’ problems, and craft guest posts that are exceptional. Remember, quality over quantity is key here.

Here are some best practices for getting your guest posts published on trustworthy, reputable sites related to your industry:

Research Target Sites & Editors:

Use tools like Ahrefs to identify websites with engaged, relevant audiences.

Go to Ahrefs content explorer:

Ahrefs content explorer

Search by your keyword:

Ahrefs seo tool

Here you will find thousands of relevant pages and then you can reach out to them.

  • Study the content they publish closely, making note of popular topics/angles.
  • Identify editors, writers or contributors to reach out to. Getting to know them via social channels is smart.

Craft Personalized Pitches:

  • Address editors by name and open pitch emails warmly and casually.
  • Keep pitches concise yet compelling. Include claims on why their audience would benefit.
  • Weave in examples of or links to your published articles to showcase your writing abilities.

Write High-Quality Guest Posts:

  • Ensure posts align to themes/topics target sites cover and their editorial guidelines.
  • Focus on offering actionable advice readers can implement – avoid too much self-promotion!
  • Include links to resources, studies or examples to make content more authoritative.

Promote your Guest Posts:

  • Share your posts on social channels, include a brief backstory on how the piece came together.
  • Consider linking to guest posts from blog posts on your own site to double down on links.
  • Nurture relationships with editors via social media, comments on articles etc. This streamlines future pitches.

By focusing on value-driven guest blogging powered by genuine relationships instead of mass email blasts, you can secure terrific link building wins regularly.

Strategy 3: Broken Link Building

Simply put, broken link building involves finding websites with broken links (often referred to as 404 errors) that are relevant to your niche. 

You then create high-quality content that serves as a valuable replacement for the broken link and reach out to the website owner, suggesting they link to your content instead. 

It’s a win-win: you gain a valuable backlink (a vote of confidence from another website), and they improve their user experience by fixing a broken link.

Here is a step-by-step blueprint for broken link building success:

Techniques for Broken Link Building Success:

1. Find the Broken Gems:

  • Competitor Analysis: Use SEO tools to identify broken links on your competitor’s websites. If these links point to relevant topics, they offer prime replacement opportunities.
  • Industry-Specific Websites: Explore authoritative websites in your niche and utilize tools like Ahrefs or Screaming Frog to discover broken links.
  • Guest Post Sleuthing: Look for guest posts within your niche that contain broken outbound links. You can offer your content as an alternative.

2. Craft Content that Shines:

Don’t just replace the broken link with any content. Create a valuable resource that surpasses the original, offering fresh insights, comprehensive information, or unique perspectives. Remember, quality matters!

3. Outreach with Etiquette:

Personalize your emails to the website owner, highlighting the broken link and offering your high-quality content as a replacement. Be polite, concise, and professional, keeping the focus on their benefit.

4. Track and Analyze:

Use tools like Google Search Console to monitor backlinks you’ve acquired through broken link building. Analyze their impact on your website’s traffic and overall SEO performance.

Ensure Your Content Measures Up

Before suggesting your content specifically, objectively assess if it matches the topic level, length and format expected based on the initial broken link and surrounding context. If your content isn’t the perfect fit yet, consider enhancing it or creating something new that would add value before proceeding with outreach.

By taking the time to find relevant broken links, personalize outreach communications, and ensure you have quality content ready to fill gaps left by dead pages, the link-earning potential is massive through broken link building tactics. 

Just be sure to approach webmasters respectfully and offer help genuinely instead of demanding links back right away. If your content brings value, the links will come in time!

Strategy 4: Influencer Outreach: Building Relationships that Earn Links

Influencers aren’t just for vanity metrics. They can be powerful allies in your link building journey! Find industry experts your target audience trusts, build genuine relationships, and explore creative collaboration opportunities. Remember, it’s all about offering value and building win-win partnerships.

Here is a blueprint for leveraging influencers ethically to earn high-value links:

Identify Relevant Influencers

  • Use FollowerWonk or BuzzSumo to find influencers creating content related to your niche, with engaged social followings.
  • Study their content and branding closely to determine how your brand might align.

Craft Personalized Outreach

  • Connect via social channels like Twitter, sign up for email lists to understand pain points and offer help freely via comments, shares etc.
  • Eventually suggest ideas for working together like contributing quotes or stats for an upcoming article of theirs or interview opportunities.

Explore Win-Win Partnerships

  • Offer influencers unique value – access to your audience and content for guest posts, co-marketing giveaways for email list growth etc.
  • Set clear expectations upfront and communicate persistently to nurture relationships.

Amplify Partnerships

  • Co-promote any influencer collaborations accross your social channels through images tagging them, behind the scenes commentary etc.
  • If influencers link to you organically, thank them warmly! Consider giving their social channels an extra boost.

By aligning with influencers strategically over time through value-driven relationships, you can earn high-quality backlinks while expanding your brand’s reach tremendously. Just ensure collaborations are mutually beneficial transparency is critical.

Strategy 5: Community Engagement

Don’t just lurk, be a valuable member! Engage in relevant online communities, share your expertise, and answer questions genuinely. By building trust and establishing yourself as a thought leader, you’ll naturally attract links and brand loyalty within the community. Remember, it’s about giving, not just getting.

Here are some best practices to leverage communities effectively for link building:

Identify Relevant Communities

  • Search for established forums, Facebook Groups, Subreddits, LinkedIn Groups etc. related to your niche.
  • Join conversations to understand community standards, expectations and needs before actively participating.

Add Value Consistently

  • Reply to questions you can provide expertise on, share advice willingly without links at first.
  • Create value-driven content like tutorials for the community’s wiki pages or curated resources.
  • Maintain persistent helpfulness and rapport before leveraging for links eventually.

Position Yourself as an Expert

  • Reference your credentials, background and experiences where relevant contextually.
  • Ensure advice shared aligns to your brand’s key messages overtime you comment.
  • Tactfully signify thought leadership, highlighting positive outcomes of those who have followed your advice previously.

Link Ethically and Sparingly

  • Only share links to your content when highly relevant to questions asked without aggressive self-promotion.
  • Vary link insertion by sometimes simply referencing your helpful guides briefly then segueing back into personalized suggestions.
  • Thank anyone who organically references your content publicly with grace and gratitude.

By engaging in communities strategically with value-adding, expert insights long-term, you can build recognition organically which earns links naturally versus forcefully requesting them through spam tactics. Trust and helpfulness begets links.

Strategy 6: Infographics Link Building: Visualizing Backlinks

Infographics aren’t just for pretty pictures. They can be powerful assets in your link building journey! Create data-driven visual content that captivates your target audience, build relationships with sites dying to share your imaginative graphics, and explore collaborative opportunities to design custom infographics aligned with influencers in your niche. Remember, it’s all about crafting irresistible infographic value and structuring win-win partnerships.

Here is a blueprint for leveraging infographics ethically to earn high quality backlinks:

Identify Trending Topics and Unique Datasets

  • Use BuzzSumo and Google Trends to pinpoint rising infographic opportunities around trending topics or uncovered data in your industry.
  • Study what visualization formats and design styles perform best with target audiences via top content shares.

Craft Captivating Infographic Concepts

  • Connect with influencers and data providers via social channels like Twitter to understand pain points and offer ideas freely through open graphs or static images.
  • Eventually suggest fully designed infographics to exclusivity showcase or summarize an upcoming report of theirs or product launch.

Explore Co-Marketing Partnerships

  • Offer infographic design services in exchange for backlinks, guest posts or email list access to promote the content.
  • Set clear expectations upfront through an agreement detailing usage rights and link placement.

Amplify Design Impact

  • Co-promote any infographic partnerships across your social channels through videos and posts documenting your design process.
  • If sites link back to you organically, thank them publicly on the post or through social media. Consider promoting their brand in return.

By aligning your visual assets with influencers long term through creative partnerships, you can earn brand-bolstering backlinks while becoming recognized as an infographic design leader. Just ensure collaborations involve mutual value transparency regarding links!

Strategy 7: Podcast Link Building

Podcasting presents a tremendous link building opportunity in 2024. By creating a high-quality podcast focused on a specific niche and distributing episodes consistently across various channels, you can establish domain authority and earn backlinks.

The key is crafting podcast content that genuinely captures the interest of your target audience and addresses their pain points or interests in an educational or entertaining way. 

Useful, insightful podcast episodes essentially become like long-form media articles that sites may reference or embed as an additional resource for their own readers. 

Promoting new episodes through social channels as well as personalized outreach to relevant sites informing them of timely, informative discussions they could potentially link to in existing or upcoming content are great ways to increase link earning potential. 

Having influential guests on your podcast to discuss trending industry topics can further establish your credibility and spread brand awareness. Much like blogging, podcasting requires consistency and patience but earns links based on merit through valuable audio experiences other publishers naturally want to help amplify.

Strategy 8: Brand Mentions Link Building

Imagine someone mentioning your innovative product in a blog post, but forgetting to link to your website. It’s like a whisper in the crowd, potentially reaching an interested audience, yet lacking the amplification you deserve. This is where brand mentions link building comes in, acting as a loudspeaker to turn those whispers into resounding roars.

Turning mentions into backlinks isn’t about spamming or demanding links. It’s about building relationships and offering value. Here’s how:

1. Find Your Mentions: Tools like Google Alerts, Brandwatch, or Buzzsumo can help you discover online mentions of your brand.

2. Assess the Value: Not all mentions are equal. Prioritize mentions on relevant, high-authority websites with engaged audiences.

3. Reach Out with Value: Craft personalized emails highlighting the mention, appreciating their content, and offering something valuable in return for a link, such as:

  • Updated information: If the mention contains outdated details, offer a corrected version with a link.
  • Additional resources: Provide further insights or relevant content linked to your website.
  • Collaboration: Propose a mutually beneficial collaboration, like a joint webinar or interview.

4. Be Patient and Persistent: Follow-up emails are crucial, but avoid being pushy. Persistence pays off, but respect the website owner’s decision.

5. Track and Analyze: Measure your success by monitoring new backlinks and referral traffic from linked mentions. Adapt your outreach strategy based on results.

Remember, brand mentions link building isn’t just about backlinks. Engaging with mentions, even unlinked ones, fosters brand awareness and community building. Respond to comments, answer questions, and offer helpful insights. This positive engagement can further solidify your brand’s reputation and attract potential customers.

Strategy 9: HARO Link Building

HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, is a free platform connecting journalists and bloggers with expert sources for their stories. While primarily designed for public relations and brand awareness, HARO offers a valuable, often overlooked, opportunity for building high-quality backlinks through HARO link building.

Why Use HARO for Link Building?

  • High-Authority Backlinks: HARO attracts journalists and bloggers from respected publications, providing access to potentially powerful backlinks.
  • Targeted Links: Search for queries relevant to your niche, increasing the chances of acquiring links within your target audience.
  • Natural Backlinks: Unlike link buying or directory submissions, HARO links are editorially placed and appear natural to search engines.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: By providing expert insights, you gain exposure to journalists’ audiences, raising brand awareness and potentially attracting new customers.

How to Master HARO Link Building:

1. Create a Compelling Profile: Clearly state your expertise, credentials, and areas of interest.

2. Monitor Relevant Queries: Set up alerts for queries related to your niche and respond promptly (ideally within the first hour).

3. Craft High-Quality Pitches: Don’t simply offer quotes. Tailor your response to the specific query, providing valuable insights and data.

4. Follow HARO Guidelines: Respect journalists’ deadlines and avoid self-promotion or irrelevant responses.

5. Showcase Expertise and Personality: Use your responses to demonstrate your knowledge and build relationships with journalists.

6. Track and Analyze Your Results: Monitor new backlinks and referral traffic to measure HARO’s impact on your SEO efforts.


Securing backlinks remains critical for ranking well in 2024. However, shady tactics won’t cut it anymore. Focus instead on valuable content development, genuine relationship building, fixing problems for others and becoming a trusted leader.

Specifically, concentrate on crafting irresistible content assets, guest blogging ethically, repairing broken links generously, collaborating with influencers mutually and engaging in communities consistently.

With this solid link-building foundation rooted in adding value, your backlink profile and search visibility will flourish this year.

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