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15 White Hat Link Building Strategies and why they Matter to Protect Your Website

There’s a lot of talks these days about white hat link building strategies.
Most people think that white hat means using “good” techniques to get links, while black hat means using “bad” techniques.
But what exactly are good and bad techniques? And why does it matter which one you use?
In this post, we’ll answer those questions and give you 15 specific white hat link building strategies that will help protect your business. So read on to learn more!

What is White Hat SEO?

In simple words, SEO strategies satisfy the parameters of search engine optimization factors. It will align with all the requirements provided by Google. In a word, just play nice with Google.

When you follow the white hat SEO, there is no risk of getting penalized by google. You will gradually and pretty sure that it’s good for your business health.

Link Building Difference Between Black, Gray & White Hat in SEO

The common difference between white, black, and grey hat SEO is very funny in a general sense. White hat SEO obeys the rules of google guidelines. Black hat runs against the google restriction.  It tries to break the rule. Grey hat is like a middleman. It doesn’t follow the white hat fully and doesn’t support the black hat also in full length.

You can get a crystal clear idea by reading this post. the author describes it in simple terms. anyone can understand it easily.

Why White hat Link Building Matters in SEO

There are many reasons why white hat SEO backlink building values much. We selected some pretty good reasons to motivate you.

  • Google Algorithm Update

The most crucial time for any kind of website is the time of the google core update. Google updates its algorithm many times a year. When it begins, it starts to check massively all the sites that rank in SERP. If you apply white hat SEO link building in your plan, then you are already in the safe zone. Cause you fulfill all the parameters that exist in the guideline.

  • Quality over quantity

As Google improves its algorithm day by day, one thing is clear to us. That is quality dominates over quantity. It doesn’t matter how many backlinks you have on your site, it becomes a priority how good your backlinks are. Where they come from. By following white hat link-building strategies you can make sure of it easily.

  • Future proof

White hat backlink building plans are safe even in the future. Authority sites gain their lead from google so it does not collapse that easily if they don’t downgrade their quality. So it can be easily said that you will build long-term progress by white hat SEO.

  • 100% Security

As you abide by the rules of Google, it means you will get security benefits from them. So your site will be fully secured at all times.

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White Hat Link Building Game Plans in 2022

In 2022, SEO link-building strategies have changed on a large scale. We will now describe 15 game-changing strategies that will increase your organic traffic by a huge amount. Let’s see what are they!!!

1. Create Well Researched Assets to Contribution to other Blogs (Guest Post)

Content is king. This line goes by Neil Patel, and Brian Dean (creator of Backlinko). Content is the main medium to start all the plans. The better it will be, the better output will come. Make some killer content that will convince other competitors of your niche to add it to their content. In another word, they will link it to their post. When readers will enter that link, they will redirect to your site. There is a chance of huge organic traffic and getting some clean and tidy quality backlinks.

2. Make Podcast & Outreach People to Link You

Making podcasts is a very good way to outreach for people. A podcast is a medium where experts on a certain Niche discuss many things. It is very much useful for newcomers and also for experts to find leggings in their content or their Niche. Make a useful podcast that will give some value to your audience and make some Outreach mail to your other relevant webmasters to mention it or make the promotion about it. An effective way to acquire quality backlinks.

3. Link Reclamation for Broken Links

Search in the SERP and find websites that have broken links. It is a useful backlink strategy nowadays, just inform the webmaster about it and tell them to replace the link with your resource link that is relevant and useful for their content. It simply follows the technique which I can say about serving and getting respect. By doing them a favor, you will be rewarded with some good value backlinks in return.

Pro Tips: See the full guide of broken link building strategy and technique.

4. Unlinked Brand Mentions

This is something like a futuristic link-building technique. If your content is that kind of valuable info, there is a chance that many sites that relate to your niche will mention it in their post to get more engagement. find unlink mentions by using the Google search console. Make an outreach email to convince them to link you and there is a chance that they will link it to your content.

5. Ask Bloggers to Insert Links to Relevant Resources (Link Insert)

Every blogger mentions the resources they used to write their content. It is a much more effective courtesy that should be maintained by them. To make content valuable, insert some good resources related to a particular category and find black bows related to content. Share it with other bloggers and request them to mention it in their resource part. There is a good chance that it will be waited by the audiences of their site and you will get some good organic traffic. Google considers valuable resources for their users a good thing for your side to help.

Pro Tips: Learn the best way to do link insert in 2023.

6. Directory Submission for Local Business

This process involves the submission of your URL, NAP (name, address, phone), and related details about your business in a directory under a particular category. This helps to build links and increases traffic to your website. Just link your service in the local business directory and see the results. Hope you won’t be disappointed at all.

7. Press Release Outreach

Press releases are a good way to promote yourself and your products. Each niche has its event. Participating in it is essential. After the event, you can publish a full report on a press release site, letting your audience know about what you’re doing. This strategy has the potential for many inbound links and helps you build your niche’s community. It’s more engaging than anything.

8. Make Ultimate Infographics

Infographics are the New Sensation in the backlink business. Nothing is more useful to represent any kind of content in a visual representation. You can express a thousand words in a single infographic. Design some good-looking infographics with valuable content. Fill the gap that your competitor didn’t. your competitor may use it in their content to make it more alive than ever. and there is a high possibility you can gain some backlinks through it. A nice white hat backlink building plan you can make happen.

9. Commenting on Popular Blog Posts

Be socially active. Always search the websites of your competitors and read their blog posts. Make some valuable comments that will help Their audience to make that thing more clear if possible insert a link and the comment section of your content related to your niche. Complete collaboration with them by giving them something useful.

10. Write a Testimonial for a Business You Know

A business or service related to your niche is important. Sometimes they serve much more value to your content. Study some businesses or services and make an all-square review about them. Make a testimonial about them and then send it to them, there is a possibility they will add it to their service testimonial page and mention you. It’s a very good chance that people will come to your site and that’s a good medium for getting quality traffic.

11. Review a Product or Service and Ask Owners to Link You

There are always products or services that help a lot in your niche. The products might be a plug-in, a generator, or a tool. Find this kind of product that gives much to their user. Make some constructive reviews that will become helpful to new users. Tell the product or service that you have a nice review post or videos that will give them more boost. We all know how valuable a review that covers the pros and cons is in detail. Request them to add it to their service website. This is a valuable link-building strategy that will gain more popularity. Also, you will earn some nice juice of backlinks through it.

12. Write Case Studies

A case study is a factor that will help massively in backlinking by content. In your niche, some terms need much time and research to execute. You can take steps to make that process happen. After you finished the process, you may be successful or fail, But the whole process will be much more valuable to your audiences. Write a full-length case study about it. Add many details and pieces of information. Your niche-related sites will add it to their content if it’s relevant. You will gain authority, and this is a price you can’t get with money.

13. Create Video Tutorials and Share them on Forums

This is a passive white hat SEO backlink buildings strategy you can practice. Make some easy-to-understand video tutorials. Share them on various kinds of forums like Reddit, quora. If the audience finds it useful they will gradually come to your site. It is good for achieving a good engaging rate and organic traffic.

14. Ask a Friend to Link to You

If your friends have the same niche-related sites as yours, tell your friends to link back to your content in their relevant content. But don’t make it obvious. Because google sometimes finds it unethical and considers it as a black hat link building.

15. Discuss on Forum and Link Back to Your Helpful Resources

Discuss your niche-related topic in brief, and make some attractive structures of info for users. At the end of the discussion mention your useful resources. The sources will outreach to you for a link back. First, serve then get rewarded.

Don’t forget to check the post where I mentioned effective link-building strategies. I categorized them into various classes.

What will happen if you ignore white hat strategies?

If you ignore white-hat link-building strategies and follow black-hat strategies, what will happen? Black hat backlink plans are looks like a hamburger but actually, it’s poisonous for your website. It has no future. It will catch you up in the long run. Let’s see why you must avoid black hat SEO in Link building strategy:

●     Costly: In every step of black hat SEO you need to spend a huge amount of cash. Like buy links, and buy spinner tools. These processes are much costly and can harm your whole plan.

●     Get penalized: Google doesn’t like black hat SEO at all. In the time of the core update, it will vanish in the dust.

●     No valuable content: The main goal is to gain more traffic. So all you need to do is insert some tricky links in your content. That’s no use for your audiences. They will find it irrelevant. You may gain links and traffic very fast in the starting, but when you start to lose, the rate will double. So think carefully.

●     Risk of deindexing: When content gets indexed in google, it needs to fulfill some requirements. By applying black hat SEO, you may index your content in a fast process, but when google will caught you red-handed, you will be deindexed. As millions of people search on google, are you willing to take a risk?

●     Reputation: This is the most valuable asset in any business. If your user finds your content has some spammy links, that won’t be engaging anymore. For a single piece of content, your whole site’s reputation will fall at risk.

Benefits of white hat SEO backlinks


●     Risk-free from Penalties: You will never get penalized by Google. Cause you are doing your business by their rules. In every algorithm core update of search engines, a devastating storm happens in SERP. You will be fully safe during that time.

●     Healthy and Organic Website Ranking: As you are following some nice white hat SEO backlink building, you will get a lot of organic traffic. Your traffics is like proof to search engines that your site is valuable for its users. Who doesn’t know the fact that search engines value their user’s priorities more than anything? It will improve your website ranking in SERP. You can earn some good rankings and there is a chance you can rank on the first page.

●     Requires Less Work: You don’t need a lot of time to do the linking process in white hat link building. Just make some quality content and follow the strategies we mentioned above. You are good to go.

●     Long-time ROI: If you want something for the long term and make some good revenue from it, make that thing evergreen and useful for all time. By applying ethical link-building strategies you can get a lot of ROI ( return on investment). It can be 100x more than your investment.

●     Enhance Revenue: People always give priority to quality. If you create quality backlinks for an author site, then it will create brand value for your niche and gradually the revenue will enhance on a bigger scale.

How to Evaluate a Good White Hat Link Building Service Company

There is no exact way to determine which service company is good for link building. You can check their review and ask a question in popular forums about them. But there are some common parameters by which you can judge. Such as a good response rate, and their strategy of building quality links from an authentic site. I will write a brief post about it. From there you will know some facts about it. By then, you can judge and select services as you like.

We also provide some quality link-building services. It’s 100% white-hate SEO you can trust. We will help you to build links for sites that will increase the organic traffic flaw in great numbers. Give it a try and hope you won’t regret it.

How to Start a Campaign for Affordable White Hat Link Building

To start the journey of the link-building campaign, you need to think about the budget. Link-building strategies are playing a much more important role. So investing in it is very much important. Try to find a service that is cost-effective and trustable. Not to mention we provide a budget-friendly link-building service. We will protect your privacy at full length. We always try our best to supply quality backlinks to small, and mid-size businesses and also to agencies.


Link building is an essential part of SEO, but it’s not always easy to do. White hat link-building strategies are the best way to build links because they’re safe and effective. If you want help with your link building, our team of experts can assist you. We offer white hat SEO services that will help increase your rank in search engines. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your website’s SEO.

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